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10 Things That May Help You Sleep Better at Night

bedtime routines

What to do Before Bed

The list compiled by THE Huffington Post revealed 10 bedtime routines of successful people. Adopting a couple of these bedtime routines may help us to increase your life quality.


1- Take a shower

According to sleep experts, body temperature plays an important part in terms of regulating sleep. Taking a shower before sleep is conducive to falling asleep since hot water has a calming effect. The relaxer you are easier for you to fall asleep.


2- -Meditation

Even though some people are rejecting its calming effect, meditation has proven to positively affect the human body on several counts.

One of these positive effects is enabling us to fall asleep easier by calming the tension in the body. Let’s do some meditation tonight before going to sleep.


3- Keep a journal

Studies conducted to reveal the secret of human psychology proved that, things that are disturbing you in your mind will be an obstacle before you get a good night’s sleep.

Therefore, the best thing is to avoid these negative thoughts before going to bed. By keeping a journal you can jot down the disturbing things and in doing so you will purify your mind.


4- Drink water ( not too much )

In fact ” Alcohol is not helpful for a good night’s sleep”. Even though alcohol consumption before sleep is conducive to falling asleep, it will make you feel uncomfortable in the advancing hours of the night. Instead of drinking alcohol try to drink water.

Based on the studies, you will get better sleep. On the other hand, drinking too much water causes you to wake up in the middle of the night to discharge the water. Half a cup of water would be sufficient to keep you hydrated through the night.


5- Exercise

To be able to get a night of good sleep, you need to tire yourself during the day and detoxify your body by perspiring.

Studies show that exercising is not only good for the overall health but also important for getting a good night’s sleep.


6-Turn the electronic devices off

In this modern age, we somehow are dependent on our electronic devices. Every moment of the day we are in need of them. In their absence, most of us would feel empty.

Yet, there are many studies, that demonstrate that mobile phones, laptops, and TVs are giving out blue lights which are strong enough to spoil your sleep. Shut down electronic devices one hour before sleeping.


7- What You Eat

We all must have heard that eating before sleeping is not good for us. Actually what we eat matters before going to sleep.

For instance, researchers say eating kiwifruit has a positive impact on your sleep. That indicates consuming some light fruits or vegetables is one of the best bedtime routines.

Almond milk, pumpkin seeds, tart jerry juice and walnuts are other food items that may help you sleep.


8- Brush your teeth

American Dental Associations recommend brushing teeth twice a day. Otherwise, plaques and bacterias take place in the mouth and consequently it may interrupt individuals’ sleeping during the night.


9– Find a good place for your pet

Studies show sleeping with your cat/dog can disrupt your sleep. If you wake up right away through the night, this disruption unwittingly may have been caused by your pet.

However, if you get undisturbed sleep every night even though you share the bed with your best friend ( pet ) then there is nothing wrong with sleeping with them.


10- Go to sleep at a proper time

At least 7 the most 10 hours of sleep is enough for a healthy life. Therefore, it is quite important when you go to sleep. Adjust your sleeping time in ways that you will get at least 7-hour sleep.