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Our Partnerships

We believe that working together, supporting each other and building strong relationships with our partners allow us to achieve far more than we could achieve alone.

Since our partners consist of respected and strongly reliable companies in the healthcare industry, it is safe to say that they increase the value of our work!

We sincerely thank our partners to support us on the way to becoming the most reliable health and welness website.

Here are the companies we are proud to be associated with…


OnPoint Nutrition is a Philadelphia-based, online nutrition company offering virtual one-on-one nutrition counselling across the United States.

Its team consist of registered dietitians and nutritionists, all holding bachelor’s or master’s degrees in a nutrition-related program.

Liz Cook and Olivio Gallo from Onpoint Nutrition medically review nutrition-related articles on our website. Their work helps us produce error-free medical content. So we owe great thanks to Onpoint Nutrition’s board and team.

Their expertise in diet and nutrition helps us share medically accurate, straightforward and evidence-based articles across the web.

To learn more about Onpoint Nutrition, visit: