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Carrot Juice: 10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits

carrot juice health benefits

If you have ever wondered about the health benefits of carrots, hence, made a small research about it on the internet, you must be aware of the impressive health benefits of carrots. Since carrot juice is obtained by juicing whole carrots, you can estimate the potential benefits of carrot juice for your health. Aside from the health benefits, carrot juice can contribute to your appearance as well.

Whether or not carrot juice is tasty may depend on the individual, however, the health benefits of carrot juice are not in dispute. In this article, we are going to discover these health benefits of carrot juice.

The answer to the question that why carrot juice is so beneficial for human health can only be explained by its rich nutrient content. 

Let’s now glance at the nutrients that a cup of carrot juice can provide to your body. Thereafter, we will thoroughly investigate carrot juice health benefits.


Carrot Juice Nutrition Facts

To begin with, it is safe to say that carrot juice is packed with essential nutrients that your body needs. Therefore, drinking a glass of carrot juice daily basis can provide you with these essential elements, thereby, boosting your overall health.

For those who have weight concern; the juice are low in both carbs and calories.

Although carrot juice contains various nutrients, this natural drink is particularly high in vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A ( beta-carotene), potassium and antioxidants.

According to NutritionData, one cup of (236 ml) carrot juice contains (1) :


Carrot Juice Health Benefits

Given the fact that carrot juice contains various essential nutrients – as we indicated in the previous section- this natural juice brings nothing but health to your life. We compiled 10 evidence-based health benefits of carrot juice for you. These benefits can convince you to drink this nutritious juice more often. Without further ado, let’s go through these impressive health benefits.


1- May Reduce Cancer Risk

As doctors and scientists emphasise at every opportunity ” there is no single food or drink that can fight or prevent cancer alone”. On the other hand, they know the importance of a healthy diet for minimising cancer risk (2).

Can drinking carrot juice lower the risk of cancer, then? Well, scientific studies and experts suggest it so. Carrot juice may reduce the risk of cancer.

Even though there is a limited number of studies on the relationship between carrot juice and cancer prevention, we know from scientific studies that antioxidants – that are highly available in carrot juice – fight against cancer-causing free radicals in the body.

Lutein and zeaxanthin are two antioxidants found in carrots juice. As stated in a scientific report: some studies showing that these two antioxidants may reduce cancer risk, particularly breast and lung cancer (3).

Moreover, in another study, researchers discovered that polyacetylenes as well, the bioactive compounds in carrots, have cancer-fighting property (4).

If we take all of these studies and experts views into account, it is possible to say that certain compounds and nutrients found in carrot juice can help your body to fight against the molecules that are known to cause cancer such as free radicals. 


2- Improves Digestion 

We all, from time to time, experience digestive issues such as bloating, constipation or diarrhoea. And, these problems occur due mainly to our wrong food choices. Therefore, it is important to choose the foods carefully to keep these digestive problems at bay.

As experts say, dietary fibre is one of the essential nutrients for the digestive system. The good news is a glass of carrot juice can meet almost 10% of your body’s daily fibre requirement. 

It might be odd to hear that a specific food/drink can help you both diarrhoea and constipation. But, carrot juice can help you recuperate faster in both issues.

The high fibre content of carrots juice will improve stool movementthus help you overcome constipation (5).

Additionally, carrot juice can be an excellent choice if you suffer from diarrhoea. Because you would most likely lose some essential minerals and vitamins through diarrhoea. One of them that you can potentially lose with large quantities is potassium.

If you don’t enough potassium in your body, you can experience fatigue and weakness, according to experts (6). Given that carrot juice amazingly rich in potassium, it can restore the depleted potassium in your body. Moderation is key, nevertheless.


3- Boosts Immune System

One of the obvious health benefits of carrot juice is to strengthen the immune system. With certain nutrients that carrot juice contains, the juice can give a boost to your immune system, if consumed regularly. 

Vitamin A, C, B6, potassium and dietary fibre make carrot juice is an excellent choice to strengthen the immune system.

Most of us have already heard that vitamin C is indispensable for the immune system. In addition to Vitamin C, vitamin A, as well, promotes both the innate and adaptive immune system, as suggested in scientific research (7).

Vitamin B6, on the other hand, is claimed by Cleveland Clinic to be one of 3 most important vitamins for immunity (8).

Therefore, you may consider drinking carrot juice on a regular basis to boost your immune system, especially in winter months.


4- Helps Regulate Blood Sugar

As there is no cure for diabetes, people with diabetes have to manage their blood sugar levels with certain treatment methods. Eating the right foods is one of the important components of their treatment process. 

People with diabetes are advised by their doctors or nutritionists to prefer foods with a low glycemic index to prevent blood sugar increase. Since carrots’ glycemic index is low, drinking carrot juice can be ideal for people with diabetes (9).

We, nevertheless, recommend you talk to your doctor about your intention of drinking carrot juice, if you are diabetic. 


5- Improves Heart Health

Carrot juice is not going to improve your heart health instantly. However, this natural drink may prevent you from having heart disease by helping your body avoid the risk factors for heart disease such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

High blood pressure can lead individuals to a heart attack. Therefore, it is important to keep the blood pressure level at a comfortable level.

Carrot juice can help you in this issue thanks to its high potassium level. As the American Heart Association indicates: potassium is important in managing high blood pressure (10).

Furthermore, drinking carrot juice may decrease the bad cholesterol level, which is another risk factor for heart disease. Researchers suggest that drinking carrot juice may protect heart health by decreasing blood lipid peroxidation (11).


6-  Increases Skin Quality

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, carrot juice can work wonder for your appearance too. The rich antioxidants content of carrot juice makes this beverage is a perfect choice for your skin. 

Antioxidants are known to neutralise free radicals that can potentially harm the skin health. Therefore, drinking antioxidant-rich carrot juice will increase your body antioxidant levels, thereby, providing you with healthy skin. 

Another way carrot juice improves your skin quality is through collagen production. High vitamin C in carrot juice can trigger collagen production , which provides elasticity and hydration to the skin (12).


7-  Improves Eye Health

Since almost all of us know that carrots are perfect foods for eye health, it shouldn’t be surprising to hear that carrot juice, too, is beneficial for eye health

Eye-protecting property of carrots stems from their high vitamin A, more accurately, beta carotene content that gives the carrots its orange colour. The human body converts beta-carotene to vitamin A.

Vitamin A is one of the essential nutrients for eye health. Therefore, in its deficiency and absence; eye disorders such as night blindness and macular degeneration can occur (13). 

In addition to carrot juice high vitamin A Content, antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin, found in carrot juice, contribute to eye health.


8- May be Ideal for Pregnant Women

As carrot juice is packed with essential nutrients, this natural beverage can be ideal during the pregnancy process. Especially, pregnant women with diabetes may consider drinking carrot juice to regulate their blood sugar level.

The reason we said carrot juice might be an ideal drink for pregnant women is mainly related to its high vitamin C and fibre content. According to medical experts; these two nutrients are essential for pregnant women (14).

Nonetheless, as pregnancy is a delicate process, we strongly recommend pregnant women to consult their doctors about diet choices, including carrot juice, during the pregnancy period.


9- Good For Brain

Carrot juice can be a brain-boosting as well as a brain-protecting juice !! Even though there is no specific study that investigates whether or not carrot juice improves brain functions, two nutrients found in carrot juice namely; beta-carotene and potassium are known to be essential for brain health.

Firstly, carrot juice brain-protecting property is attributed to its beta-carotene content. In a comprehensive study, researchers revealed that beta carotene can potentially improve memory functions and can be useful for memory enhancement (15).

Secondly, potassium- which also abounds in carrot juice – play a role in helping brain cells communicate with each other, according to WebMD (16).


10 – May Clean Liver

Last but not least. Carrot juice may be beneficial for your liver, too.

The potential liver-protecting effect of carrot juice stems from its carotenoids content, which acts as a type of antioxidant, according to Healthline(17).

In an article, written over the relationship between carrots and liver, it is claimed that carrots protect liver health by supplying carotenoids that promote liver to remove more waste (18).

Moreover, according to the American Liver Foundation; fibre, found in the juice, is important for the liver to work at an optimal level (19).


Potential Side Effects of Carrot Juice

Although carrot juice is quite beneficial – as we discussed throughout the article –there are couple of things you need to know about carrot juice.


1- Skin Discoloration:

We repeatedly underlined carrot juice high beta-carotene content. While beta-carotene is an essential compound for your body, too much beta-carotene can show reverse effect and turn your skin colour yellow/orange.


2- Vitamin A toxicity

Vitamin A toxicity occurs when an individual consumes a large amount of vitamin A. Given that carrot juice is high in beta-carotene ( vitamin A ), excess consumption of carrots or carrot juice can lead to vitamin A toxicity.

Too much beta carotene builds up in the liver and may cause some symptoms. Headaches, rash, increased pressure in the brain and nausea are among the main symptoms, according to Healthline (20).


3- Diabetes

Earlier in this article, we indicated carrot juice is an ideal beverage choice to regulate blood sugar owing to its low glycemic index.

While we still support the idea that carrot juice is safe for people with diabetes, we need to emphasise that excess consumption of carrot juice can bring about a fluctuation in the blood sugar.

Therefore, diabetic people need to discuss their diet with their doctors and dietitians to avoid potential diabetes complications.


4- Pesticides 

Pesticides are used in modern agriculture with the aim of protecting agricultural products, including carrots. As such, if you juice carrots without washing, you can put your health at risk.

The potential pesticides or germs on the vegetable can enter the body through consumption and cause certain health problems.

Ensure you have washed the carrots thoroughly before consuming them.


5- Blood Clotting

Some people are susceptible to blood-clotting. Therefore, many of them use blood-thinning drugs. Those, who use blood-thinning drugs shouldn’t consume too much vitamin K, because, vitamin K can promote blood clotting.

Due to the fact that carrot juice is high in vitamin K, avoid drinking this beverage with large amounts.


How much carrot juice is safe to drink daily ?

There are many variables to consider such as age, health condition, weight, height and genetic factors, therefore, it is hard to determine the right amount of daily carrot juice intake. However, 1 cup of carrot juice every day would be ideal for most people.


The Bottom Line

As long as you don’t drink an excessive amount of carrot juice, this veggie drink will support your overall health with its rich nutrition content.

Bear in mind that, while carrot juice contains less fibre than carrots, it contains more beta carotene than carrots do.