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7 Foods That May Help Relieve Constipation

foods relieve constipation

Constipation is a common digestive problem that can affect people of all ages. Even though, bowel movement frequency shows alteration from person to person, according to the medical community less than 3 stools in a week is defined as constipation.

Many of us deal with constipation problem every now and again in our lives, just as we sometimes suffer from diarrhoea which is another digestive problem. The reasons people get constipated vary. However, lifestyle and the foods that we choose to eat regularly are the main reasons for constipation.

Even though constipation, most of the time, is not categorised a serious medical condition, it can literally make a negative impact on our lives for a certain period of time. Therefore, it is good to know what to do while constipated.

Apart from, being physically active, some foods become conducive to overcome constipation. In this article, we are sharing 9 effective foods that can help in relieving constipation. Keep on reading…


Foods to Relieve Constipation

As mentioned above, digestive problems such as constipation or diarrhoea often occur as a result of lifestyle or food choices. For this reason, it is necessary to know what to eat and what not to eat to overcome constipation.

Consuming the following 7 foods we have compiled for you when you are constipated can relieve your constipation. However, excessive consumption of the below-given foods for the sake of a quick solution to this digestive problem, may have the opposite effect and worsen the situation

Therefore, it will be sufficient to consume these given foods ( or liquids ) moderately.


1- Water

Sufficient daily water intake is an essential factor for healthy bowel movements and digestion. In particular, it is very important not to stay below the recommended daily amount of water during the constipation period to relieve the complaint as quickly as possible.

Who knows, insufficient water consumption may have caused constipation. Therefore, water consumption should not be neglected during/before and after constipation.


2- Coffee

A situation, that most coffee lovers and people who regularly consume coffee, is familiar with is the sudden urge to go to the toilet after the morning coffee. Actually, this is a scientific fact. The caffeine available in coffee speeds up the metabolism.

Many studies show that having a cup of coffee, especially first thing in the morning may force you to go to the toilet for number two. And, a well-rounded scientific study proves the fact that coffee accelerates bowel movements.

In light of this info, it is sensible to consume at least a cup of coffee to ease bowel movements.


3- Pulses

Pulses are a nutrient group that we should include in our diet not only when we are constipated, but also at every opportunity we have. The foods that should come to mind when it comes to pulses are beans, peas, lentils, and chickpeas.

Pulses provide the various nutrients a human body needs thanks to their rich nutritional content. In fact, what makes these foods special in the fight against constipation is related to their rich fibre content.

Increasing the consumption of these foods, which we should opt to consume regularly in our lives when we are constipated will help us overcome this digestive problem as quickly as possible.


4- Apples

Apples are rather healthy fruits that ( I dare to say ) most of us enjoy eating. Like the pulses mentioned in the previous section, apples contain a high level of fibre. As such, consuming apples will improve bowel movements thus providing comfortable time in the bathroom. 

In fact, one of the things that make apples so special for treating constipation is the fibre called pectin in its content. Pectin is a substance that facilitates the retention of water in the intestines, thus facilitating the movement of stool.

Scientific research; shows that pectin increases the number of beneficial/healthy bacteria required for digestion in the intestine, therefore it is plausible to consume apples to relieve constipation.


5- Spinach

From what we’ve written so far, you can infer that only fibre-containing foods help digestion. However, in addition to fibre, magnesium is also an important substance for the digestive system.

Spinach is a food rich in both fibre and magnesium. Perhaps the only downside of spinach is that fresh spinach is often available in autumn and winter.

If you suffer from constipation during the winter and autumn months, it will be very useful to add spinach to your menu.

6- Figs


Figs are beneficial for bowel movements

Perhaps among the foods, we have mentioned so far, that can fight against constipation figs are arguably the most delicious ones.

Figs are quite generous in terms of providing fibre, like, kiwifruit, spinach, dates, pulses and dragon fruit. As such, it is a wise decision to consume figs particularly when you deal with constipation.

Regardless of whether it is dry or fresh, figs should be consumed for the sake of a healthy digestive system. Eating 3 dried figs daily can give a boost to intestinal movements.


7- Pears

There is no doubt that pears are rich in fibre, which is a very important substance for our gut. if we need to speak more specifically; An average-sized pear of about 200 grams can provide about one-fourth of the daily fibre needed.

In addition to all these, the good taste leaves you no other option than to add pear to your diet. To overcome constipation, it is sensible to eat pears, if possible.

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