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Top 6 Exercises to Strengthen Your Heart

strengthen your heart

If we asked people about their two most important organs in their body, presumably most of them include ” heart ” in their two choices. Because we all do know that without a healthy heart, we can’t survive too long.

Even though young individuals aren’t too concerned about their heart health due to their relative youth, people after a certain age seek ways to strengthen their heart to avoid cardiovascular diseases, which are the number one cause of death globally, according to WHO.

Although having a well-balanced diet, minimising stress or avoiding bad habits like alcohol and cigarettes can greatly contribute to heart health, doing exercise on a regular basis is the best way to strengthen your heart, according to experts.

What they say is ” if you don’t exercise regularly, then you have twice as likely to develop heart disease than a person who does “. This piece of information must demonstrates the importance of having a regular exercise routine for heart health.

Especially those who have certain medical conditions, such as high blood pressure and those who have a family history with cardiovascular disease should stay physically active throughout their lives. 

In this article, we have compiled the 6 best exercises that strengthen your heart. Let’s discover these heart-friendly physical exercises.

 Although below-given exercises are the most suitable for majority of people, you should consult with your doctor about your exercise routine. 


1- Walking

Walking might be the most underrated form of exercise on earth. For many, it is not even an exercise. But, what doctors say is the total opposite.

Having a regular walking habit can strengthen your heart, especially if the walking pace is a little bit faster than a normal walking pace. Walking is recommended by doctors particularly to those who suffer from hypertension and diabetes.

scientific study suggests that 150 minutes of walking each week can reduce the risk of coronary heart diseases by 20 per cent.

What makes walking an appealing form of exercise is elderly people can perform it with ease because walking doesn’t force joints and also doesn’t require too much physical strength. 

Moreover, it is free and can be done almost anywhere.


2- Swimming 

Many might think that swimming is an activity that people do only in the summer months in holiday places. However, swimming is more effective than being only a holiday activity.

For many experts, swimming is the best exercises for human health, mainly for heart health. 

According to Swimming Foundation: Swimming is best for your heart because it makes the heart larger thus making it more efficient in pumping blood. Moreover, since it is not a land-based exercise, it is easier on people’s joints.

It is a wise decision to swim 120-150 minutes swimming each week for your heart health, if possible.


3- Cycling

It is difficult to stay active during the day in this modern age due to certain factors such as car or public transportation use and working long hours. However, even a small amount of time can make a difference in heart health.

Cycling is among the most suitable form of exercise for the heart. Let’s refer to a scientific study that proves the efficacy of cycling on your heart.

A study conducted in the Journal Circulation revealed that people who biked regularly experienced 15% fewer heart attacks than noncyclists. Plus, multiple studies also prove the stress-relieving feature of cycling.

If so, mount your bicycle, and drive from one place to another. Or, use your bicycle to go to work instead of a car or public transportation, for your heart.


4-  Weight Training

Sometimes, we may forget the fact that the heart is also a muscle that never stops working until death. Therefore, keeping this muscle as strong as possible can promise you a healthy and long life. 

However, if cardio isn’t your cup of tea, then you can get help from weight training.

A report, cited by Harvard Health, reveals that weight training can be an effective way to avoid heart problems.

Bear in mind that weight training isn’t only lifting heavyweights in the gym, it also includes training with your body weight. Squat, pull-up, push-ups, to name but a few.


5- Yoga

Some of you may object to the fact that yoga protects heart health by strengthening it. Because it seems like a practice for mental wellbeing.

While it is correct that yoga regularly helps individuals overcome mental problems, it is also good for heart health. Because yoga also includes a series of movements that increase physical strength and flexibility as well as breathing.

The less stress you carry in your body, the lower the risk of hypertension you have. As such, we can say that yoga can protect heart health by reducing the risk factors such as hypertension.

Since yoga strengthens muscles and lowers stress, it can strengthen your heart, if performed regularly.


6- Dancing

This one can be the most entertaining form of exercise to strengthen your heart if you are confident enough to dance. According to experts, dancing on a regular basis can be good for your health.

Researchers, in a study – 48,000 British people involved – found that those who dance have a 46 per cent lower risk of cardiovascular death relative to those who don’t.

Considering that dance is a little intense physical activity and increase social interactions – that can reduce stress and anxiety – it can be a good choice to strengthen your heart.