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Eye Health: 7 Tips for Healthy Eyesight

eye health

We shouldn’t waste our precious time talking about the importance of our eyes. They are just as other organs, are quite important. Therefore, it is our duty to keep our eyes as healthy as possible. With a good vision,in other words, with healthy eyesight, we can achieve our goals whether at work or in life.

There are many eye diseases that inhibit our quality of life by damaging our visual acuity. When these diseases remain untreated, they may lead us to permanent vision loss. In light of this, the first step of protecting eye health must be minimising the occurrence of these eye diseases.

Simple precautions we can take today can prevent these serious eye problems. And, in this article, we have compiled 7 tips for maintaining eye health.

Before we start, please note that below given tips ,for healthy eyesight, have been compiled based on eye doctors’ advice and scientific sources whose links indicated with red colour.


1-) Practice 20-20-20 Rule

In today’s world, many people especially those who live in developed and developing countries can purchase electronic devices such as computer, tablet, TV, and smartphones. It is an undeniable fact that these devices shape our lives, and it appears we heavily rely on them.

However, when we spent too much time in front of  the above-given devices, we pay, more precisely, our eyes pay the price. Normally, a person blinks 15 to 20 times per minute. But this number falls by half while looking at electronic devices. And this reduced number of eye blinks can cause eye problem ,such as eye strain, dry eyes and blurred vision.

To avoid these complications, eye doctors recommend practicing 20-20-20 method. Every 20 minutes you spent on the screen you need to look at an object which is 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This practice prevents possible eye damage may occur due to staring screens.


2- Don’t Use Expired Makeup

This section mostly concerns women who use makeup products more relative to men. The eye infection you developed may be related to the makeup materials you used. Because makeup products with liquid form can be a suitable environment for bacteria reproduction. Therefore, it carries great importance not to use makeup products especially, liquid form of after the expiry date.

Another point women should pay attention to is removing makeup before going to bed. Sleeping with makeup on may set off infections. Furthermore, it is important not to share your makeup tools with others for the sake of both your skin and eye health.


3- Beware What to Eat

Foods we eat regularly become a determinant factor when it comes to our health. Eyes are not an exception in this circumstance. There are a couple of foods we all should be prone to consume in order to maintain eye health. Please note that excessive consumption of the below-given foods doesn’t bring benefits but harm.

According to; below given 15 foods should be in your diet if you are to take care of your eyes:

1- Tuna fish

2- Oysters

3- turkey

4- Beef

5- Eggs

6- Leafy Greens

7- Bell Peppers

8- Legumes

9- Carrots

10- BlueBerries

11- Oranges

12- almond ( high in vitamin E)

13- Sunflower Seeds

14- Hot Tea


4- Wear Sunglasses

Walking on a sunny day with your loved ones or a sunbathing at the beach might be one of your favourite habits. And, letting the skin to contact with sunlight is crucial for vitamin D production of the body. On the other hand, there are two organs that can get hurt due to direct sun exposure. These organs are skin and eyes.

Regarding our topic: Sun UV rays can damage human eyes and cause eye disorders. According to Caring Village; photokeratitis, pinguecula, pterygium, cataract and macular degeneration are 5 eye conditions may occur due to unprotected sun exposure. 

Therefore, it is vital to protect eyes wearing sunglasses. Whether the weather is overcast or sunny we should wear sunglasses 4-season to protect our vision.


5- Take Care of Your Contact Lens

Those who use contact lenses must be familiar with the phrase ” hygiene is vital when it comes to wearing contact lenses”. It is indeed accurate. Unhygienic and neglected contact lenses can trigger eye infections.

To avoid these unwelcome situations, wash your hands with soap before taking contact lenses in or out, if you use contact lenses. Another important factor is to wash your contact lenses with the cleaner prescribed by your eye doctor.

It is also recommended removing contact lenses before swimming and chancing the case every 2 to 3 months.

6- Wear Safety Goggles

Sunglasses are not the only pair of glasses when it comes to protecting eyes. According to statistics eye injuries are more common at home than on work. Especially while doing home repairs, it is very important to use protective glasses to prevent any material from splashing into your eyes.

In addition to home repair, we all heavily recommended wearing safety glasses if there is a risk of hurting our eyes. For instance sports; football, basketball or baseball in which the ball may touch the eyes. Finally, those who do the cleaning should wear protective glasses while cleaning against the cleaning agents. 


7- Regular Eye Exam

Whether there is a problem in your eyes or not, regular eye examination will detect an eye problem( if there is any ) in your eyes in advance thus increasing the chances of treatment success.

In addition to eye diseases, many other diseases can be detected during a routine eye examination. Examples of these are Behçet’s disease, some types of cancer, diabetes and blood pressure.

Briefly, visiting your eye doctor regularly is the most effective way to ensure your eyes are doing well. You should visit your eye doctor one in every 2 years if you have no eye disease, 2 times per year if you have a problem including diabetes.