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7 Potential Causes of Coughing


In fact, cough is a defence mechanism of the body that cleans the throat and respiratory tract. By coughing the body aims at cleaning up foreign particles, viruses ( microbes ) and allergens. Coughing may occur for various reasons. I will be explaining the factors that cause cough including dry cough. 

However, before touching on the factors that bring about coughing, let’s remind ourselves that coughing can be a precursor of a serious disease as well as a normal reaction of the body.

Monitoring yourself is important, particularly, if you are a smoker and have been coughing for more than 2 weeks and detected blood in the expectoration, you should visit your doctor.




1-) Asthma

Dry cough generally emerges along with symptoms such as chest pain, wheezing and shortness of breath (which is the main sign of asthma). It shows an increase at night and may become chronic. Furthermore, allergic asthma might be the cause of your cough. Let’s not forget asthma is common, particularly in children.

The cough that happens due to asthma worsens at night and thus reduces the patient’s sleep quality. 


2-) Lung Cancer

By no means, coughing is not an indication of lung cancer on its own. There is no need to press the alarm button. However, if the cough continues for more than 3 weeks and is gradually increasing, it becomes worrying.

Additionally, when the persistent cough is accompanied by breathing difficulties, pain in the chest and blood in the phlegm then time to visit a doctor for a diagnosis. 

There is no specific definition of cough that happens due to lung cancer. That indicates cough can be both wet and dry. Nevertheless, this type of cough- like in asthma cases- may rise at night. 


3-) Throat cancer

Despite the fact that the prevalence of throat cancer is low compared to other types of cancers, the presence of sputum in the cough and hemoptysis ( blood-stain mucus ) could be the sign of throat cancer.

If hoarseness was accompanied by a stubborn cough then it again can be an indication of throat cancer, particularly for those who smoke.

However, a cough may occur due to millions of reasons. Therefore, I must highlight the fact that if the cough persists, and contains blood along with sore throat and weight loss then this might be a little bit frightening. In this scenario, visiting your doctor to be able to ascertain the issue is the best option. The doctor will take other symptoms into account and diagnose the problem.


4-) Allergies

One of the main causes of dry cough is allergies. Generally, seasonal allergies don’t cause a persistent cough. Despite this fact, some of us are known to suffer from persistent coughs due to seasonal allergies.

Allergies most of the time bring about dry cough especially if hay fever is the factor that makes you cough. Pollens are an irritating factor for the throat. When the throat is irritated by pollens, naturally the defence mechanism is activated to clean the throat. As a result of this, the person begins coughing.


5-) Psychological

In some cases, coughing can become an obsession. It must be very strange to hear about such a condition. Even though it is rather rare, it sometimes befalls individuals. In fact, this is an indication of human psychology’s power.

Coughing can also happen to individuals who haven’t got any respiratory disease or another problem that can cause a cough.

The patients begin coughing since they feel as if something is blocking their throat. This situation is explained by the fact that the stress an individual is exposed to might be strong enough to affect breathing and this hinders the body’s oxygen intake.

When this condition occurs, the throat is irritated which is known to cause coughing. This cough type is named ” Nervous cough “.


6-) Smoking

As all of us know smoking causes cough and this one is called Smoker’s Cough. Smoker’s Cough would continue for more than 3 weeks and ( usually ) tends to be dry.

In fact, tobacco products don’t show their detrimental health effect on smokers right away. For this reason, generally, long-term smokers develop smoker’s cause.


7-) Viruses and Bacteria

Last but of course not least, the main and commonly known reason for coughing is a respiratory tract infection. Nearly, all of us get sick every winter. This might be a cold or flu.

Certain viruses and bacteria make us sick and cause cough by causing irritation in the throat. Generally, flu brings about a stronger and dryer cough.