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Health Problems That Might Be Related to Stress

Stress related problems

Health Problems Caused by Stress

We all might think that stress is temporary! Yes, that might be true but unfortunately, its effects are not. When an individual is exposed to constant stress, this stress type is named chronic stress.

In this modern age, most of us experience stress-related health problems. This must be the demonstration of the power of stress and its effect on human health. 

 Experts are warning all of us about the fact that stress can be detrimental if it continues for a long time. The source of stress could be your family, job or another reason.

Whatever the reasons for your stress, you need to be able to find a way to reduce the stress level you have been exposed to for a long time. 

Otherwise, this constant pressure will bother you by bringing different diseases or ailments. If you can’t change the situations that lead you to stress, you, at least, can change your perception and don’t allow these circumstances to bother you anymore. The followings are the 5 stress-related health problems.


 What can long term stress cause?


 Stomach and bowel disorders

Most of us have heard about reflux that is the situation when gastric acid is felt in the throat. Doctors don’t claim this health problem- namely reflux- occurs due to stress.

However, being exposed to stress carry this problem to an advanced level. Therefore, stress is known as a reflux trigger. 

On the other hand, people who are always anxious and stressed can encounter diarrhoeaconstipation or other bowel disorders.



Stress can do many things to you, this is a fact all of us should concede. And, one of them is acne on your face. If you are suffering from acne on your face lately, stop and think about what you have been going through recently.

 Stress, you have been exposed to, might have caused acne. Indeed, there may also be other reasons for your acne problem.


 Heart diseases 

If one had asked ” what is the most important organ in the body”, most of us would have answered “heart”. So, we are obliged to protect it. Many heart diseases are caused by stress. 

You need to review your life for the sake of your heart. If there is anything or anyone who bothers you, then it is time to stay away from them. Your heart doesn’t like stress.



The main reason for this health problem is associated with smoking, air pollution or allergy. However, in some rare cases, it has been seen that people who were exposed to stress developed asthma. At least stress is a trigger for asthma.



No one can be obese without eating excessively unless there is another reason that might cause obesity. When people eat more than they move, in the long run, they will gain weight and finally become obese unless they act to stop this situation. 

Alright then? why do they eat that much? Can it be explained by stress? Might stress be triggering them to eat? Indeed, even though stress kills some people’s appetite, for some of them the situation is on the contrary. Briefly, stress may bring about obesity!

To put it in a nutshell, stress is inevitable, however, limiting the stress you are exposed to is in your hand. Manage your stress level to have a better and healthier life.


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