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8 Steps to Stop Armpit Sweating

stop armpit sweating

Before blaming armpit sweating for leaving you in a difficult situation especially in the summer while wearing a t-shirt that shows sweat, we all should remind ourselves of the vital importance of sweating for the human body.

By sweating you can get rid of toxins which are the contributing factors for many diseases. Furthermore, sweating prevents your body temperature from rising thus providing a comfortable body temperature.

Nevertheless, sweating, especially excessive armpit sweating disturbs you since it makes your armpits wet and causes sweating-related stains and bad odour.

You might have tried many methods so far to stop armpit sweating, and no results you have seen. Well, the good news is that you don’t have to be a victim. Because there are ways to stop armpit sweating that you can practice at home.

Let’s glance at these effective methods to stop Armpit Sweating.


1- Stay Hydrated

Let’s start with a basic but rather effective method. Staying hydrated !! Staying hydrated is one of the most effective methods when it comes to preventing or significantly reducing sweating. And, this is explained with the fact that drinking water ( or other healthy liquids) keeps the body cool thus preventing sweating.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article when the body temperature rises, the sweat glands start working to keep the temperature at a comfortable degree.

In light of this, staying hydrated is the most basic but maybe the most effective way of preventing armpit sweating. Bear in mind, consuming foods with high water content such as watermelon also help you stay hydrated.


2- Use Antiperspirants

Many people use deodorants for their armpits with the expectation of preventing body odour and sweating. However, the latter is a misinterpretation. Deodorants are not designed to stop armpits sweating even though they may slightly reduce it.

Nevertheless, there is a thing that does two jobs at the same time. It is literally over-the-counter antiperspirants. These antiperspirants will be ideal for you if you want to get rid of sweating in addition to bad odour.

Antiperspirants block the body’s sweat glands thanks to its aluminium chloride content. Antiperspirants are nearly a precise remedy for Sweaty Armpits, however, they may not work for some people. In this case, go visit your doctor, he/she may prescribe an antiperspirant with a higher dose of aluminium chloride.


3- Shave Armpits

There is a scientific explanation behind this theory. Since hair on underarms holds moisture these hairs are contributing bad odour and sweating.

As such, it is a sensible thing to shave underarms to minimise both the sweat and odour. What’s more, shaved armpits are easier to apply deodorants and antiperspirants.


4-Wear Breathable Fabrics

This one is also easy to predict. However, many of us may not know how effective changing from tight clothes to slightly loosed ( but still fancy ) clothes can be when it comes to sweating.

The truth is that wearing breathable fabrics can significantly reduce armpit sweating. And, this explained with the fact that tight clothes that squeeze your armpits inhibit the body to cool down itself including armpits.

In addition to sweating, wearing breathable fabrics prevent staining too on your clothes. Therefore, choose your clothes wisely !!


5- Mind What You Eat

it’s a wonder that what we eat even affects how much we sweat. Some foods can make you sweat more while others reduce the amount of sweat. The science behind this theory is that some foods are hard for your body to digest.

The harder your body to digesst foods, the warmer your body gets. As result of this, the chances of sweating increases significantly. Therefore, it is important to identify what foods forces your digestive system thus causing sweating and eliminate them accordingly.

Foods that contain low fibre, salty ( high-sodium ) foods, fatty foods and processed foods can increase the amount of sweat throughout your body.

On the other hand, some foods can help you stop armpit sweating problem. Of course, these are the foods that have high fiber content and calm your body. For instance; water, almonds, vegetables and fruits ( apart from garlic and onions ), dairy products, green tea, sweet potatoes and olive oil.


6- Avoid the Caffeine

You may need to drink a cup of coffee or other beverages that contain caffeine, first thing in the morning. However, the thing is that caffeine may be the culprit of your excess armpit sweating. Therefore, you may have to give up on your daily caffeine intake. Let’s explain how caffeine or caffeinated beverages increase the amount of sweat.

Caffeine does two things. First, it stimulates the nervous system in your body and secondly increases blood pressure thus increasing your heartbeats. Don’t forget, the faster the heart beats the more sweat you experience. Additionally provided that many of you prefer caffeine-containing hot drinks, you are most likely to sweat more due to increased body temperature.

Give up on caffeine intake, at least, for some time to monitor whether or not caffeine-free life made a reduction on armpit sweats.


7- Stop Smoking

Whether is a smoker or not, most of us are aware of the harms of using tobacco products. However, a few of us would think smoking increases sweating throughout the body.

The nicotine found in the tobacco products increases both your body temperature and heartbeats. Please note that these two factors cause your sweat glands to work harder.

Therefore, quitting smoking offers less sweaty days as well as a healthier life. Quit for good, for your well-being.


8 – Let Your Body Cool Down After the Shower

Throughout the article, it has been mentioned that sweating is a mechanism that cools down the body when it is necessary. If so, it is important to prevent body temperature from rising to reduce sweating.

Considering many of us are prone to get a hot shower rather than with icy water, it is important to allow the body to cool down after a hot shower. Getting dress right after a hot shower may prolong your body’s cooling process.

Therefore, give yourself some time to cool down after the shower especially if you live a hot environment. This method may reduce the amount of sweat and sweat stains on your clothes.