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6 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Breakfast

health benefits breakfast


For years, so many of us have been familiar with the slogan ” breakfast is the most important meal of the day “. It seems this sentence reflects the truth. In this article, we will be talking about the health benefits of breakfast and try to explain why breakfast is entitled ” the most important meal of the day ” with scientific explanations.



Assuming that you ate 2 hours before going to bed and slept 8 hours, that indicates you have been fasting for a total of 10 hours and your body has been lacking essential minerals and vitamins plus water in this period.

So, starting the day with a nutrient-rich breakfast appears to be the best way to replenish the body’s depleted mineral and vitamin stores. Furthermore, having breakfast in the morning increases alertness and attention which we need for success.

Just as a car doesn’t move without oil, we can’t function without food that is fuel for the human body.


Health Benefits of Having Breakfast

It is evident from a great number of scientific studies that skipping breakfast daily basis may bring many health problems whereas having breakfast is an effective way of possessing a happy and healthy life.

Now it is time to touch on the health benefits of eating breakfast by consolidating their accuracy with scientific studies.


1- Energy 

According to doctors; the first rule of eating healthy is having breakfast. Breakfast enables you to start the day with the energy you need during the day by increasing your blood glucose. 

Blood glucose decreases as a result of long hours without eating. Fasting 10-12 hours overnight is long enough to drain the glucose level. Without blood glucose, there is no way for the brain to function effectively. Therefore, replenishing depleted glucose in the blood enables us to avoid concentration problems, irritability and drowsiness, in the morning, all of which can negatively affect the quality of life. 

To feel good and energetic throughout the day, breakfast is indispensableScientific evidence says those who do have breakfast every morning are more focused and relaxed during the day than those who don’t have breakfast habits.  


2- Necessary Nutrients 

A morning meal ( breakfast ) tends to be nutritionally rich compared to the following meals of the day. Because, foods that are rich in fibre– protein – iron – folate – calcium – probiotics –antioxidants generally appear at the breakfast table rather than at lunch and supper.

Since breakfast is generally well-balanced and can provide the above-given essential nutrients, it is considered the most important meal of the day.


3- Control Your Weight

Is it possible to lose weight by eating? Do dietitians or doctors suggest that eating breakfast help lose weight? 

Well, it seems this way. According to dietitians; having a breakfast habit is an effective way to maintain an ideal body weight. However, the misconception is that although you are eating more calories than breakfast-skippers during the day you will be thinner than they are. I am afraid, it is a misleading comment. But the point is that if you have a well-balanced breakfast, you will feel less hungry in the following hours of the day thus eating less.

Moreover, eating healthy foods in the morning prevent blood glucose fluctuation that causes us to eat fattening dishes. When we skip breakfast, we will most luckily eat whatever we find in the next meal with a huge portion to suppress insulin fluctuation.


4- Better Memory 

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, without glucose – the essential substance necessary for the brain –  concentration on anything related to work, education or daily activities becomes too difficult. Therefore, we have every right to blame decreased blood glucose levels for these temporary problems.

To support this claim; a well-rounded scientific study carried out on the relationship between school performance and breakfast habits have found that having breakfast every morning in children and adolescents contributed to their school performance. Briefly, a sharp memory is one of the health benefits of breakfast.


5- Stronger Immune System 

As you probably know the immune system protects us from various diseases including flu by fighting against bacteria and viruses. From an early age, our mothers used to caution us not to spend time in cold weather since it would make us sick.

It is partly correct due to the fact that cold weather weakens our bodies’ defence system. And, this weakened immune system simplifies viruses and bacteria’s job. Related to this, having breakfast every day helps us keep the body temperature stable with the calories taken via food.

Apart from that, a scientific study — published by Cardiff University in Wales under the leadership of Andy Smith — suggests that having breakfast can help us avoid flu in the winter season. The common knowledge; consuming nutritious foods ( especially ) in breakfast boosts your body’s defence power.


6- Heart Health

The fact having breakfast every morning is quite beneficial to your heart health. And this refers to reduced diabetes risk as well as balanced blood pressure. 

As mentioned earlier, when we skip breakfast, the fluctuation takes place in the blood glucose. This fluctuated glucose leads us to eat fatty and saturated foods to suppress the urge of eating. Plus, breakfast-skippers tend to eat bigger portions.

All of these factors bring about fat accumulation in the blood thus setting off cardiovascular diseases. In this respect, as Harvard University suggests; eating a well-balanced breakfast free from saturated fat, excessive salt or cholesterol minimises heart problems.