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6 Potential Causes of Hair Loss

Hair Loss


It goes without saying, all people experience hair loss with ageing. Apart from this factor, hair loss may befall individuals due to various reasons. 

There are said to be approximately 100,000 hairs on a healthy scalp. Losing 50 to 100 hair strands per day should not make individuals nervous just because it is considered a natural cycle of hair.

Moreover, the number of falling hair can reach 150-180 some days depending on the combing or washing of the hair. 

Having said that, when the number of fallen hair strands exceeds about 180 then it can be an indication of an underlying reason and should be taken seriously.  

Every hair strand continues growing for 2 to 6 years. Then the strand rests and eventually falls. The fallen hair strand is replaced with a new one. When this replacement stops due to several reasons it gives rise to baldness in the long run. 

Time to address the main factors that trigger hair shedding.


The Most Common Causes of Hair Loss


Genetic :

The main cause of hair loss, as everyone might have guessed, is genetic makeup. This one is called hereditary hair loss since the genes we inherited from our parents are the determining factor in hair loss. This type of hair loss is one of the most prevalent causes of hair shedding.

The genetic structure of a person is a predictive factor in many cases such as; height, eye colour, cancer, muscle type and so forth. Hair is not an exception in this respect.

For instance, ( as a man ) if your dad experienced baldness in his early ’30s, you will likely experience the same situation in the same age range.

Let’s not forget; that men are more likely to suffer from hereditary hair loss than women.


Hormonal Changes:

From time to time, individuals ( mainly women) encounter temporary hair loss due to some medical reasons such as pregnancy, childbearing, climacteric, et cetera. As I have said that hair shedding which occurs due to these reasons makes a temporary impact on the hair.

However, these reasons may make permanent damage too to the hair. Hormonal changes that happen due to the above-mentioned or other reasons can sometimes be blamed for inducing hair loss.

Nevertheless, an expert dermatologist will ascertain whether or not hair loss is caused due to hormonal changes with a blood test. If so, hormone replacement therapy can be applied by the dermatologist to regain the hair.



This is another proven factor for hair loss. What we consume directly affects our overall health. Eating one type of food, always consuming foods that are rich in carbohydrates, sugar, and saturated fat or not being able to eat at regular intervals due to financial difficulties affects the person’s overall health and thus his hair.

After all, hair is a living organ and needs nutrition as well. When an individual neglects a healthy diet, the hair gets affected in the long run. Therefore, adding nutritious foods into our diets plays a vital role in maintaining hair health.


Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency :

This reason for hair loss is somewhat related to the above ” malnutrition ” but more specific. Not taking a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals which are indispensable, on a daily basis causes hair shedding.

If the body lacks certain vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin B12, D, Folic acid, Zinc, and Iron then hair fall becomes an unavoidable consequence for the individuals.

We have to be aware of the importance of these vitamins and minerals and add them to our daily diets to have healthy and strong hair. Zinc and iron are the two substances that are crucial for healthy hair.


Childbearing and Chemotherapy :

Postpartum hair loss is reasonably common among women. It is most likely to occur around 2-3 months after childbirth. It is explained by the fact that hair strands, which should have fallen during pregnancy, fall after pregnancy. Another factor that brings about hair shedding is chemotherapy.

Nevertheless, the process is temporary. Once the individual recuperates, he-she will regain the hair fallen during this formidable period.


Stress and Depression:

These are the two most common reasons for many illnesses and we can estimate how harmful they can be when an individual is exposed to long-term stress and anxiety. By all means, stress, anxiety and depression affect- in a negative way- your hair too.

After all, hair is a living organ that is affected by many factors that happen during the day. We should try to reduce our stress levels for the sake of our overall health.