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8 Tips to Improve Your Life In the New Year

Improve Your Life in the New Year

Let’s be honest with each other and acknowledge the fact that we had numerous reasons for not be happy in the last year due mainly to Covid-19. So to speak, this virus ruined our lives.

You may have lost a loved one, may have gone through depression( as many of us did), you may have lost your job or you may not have seen your friends for a long time.

Briefly, under the shadow of the Coronavirus, most of us suffered, even though some people earned and gained a lot in this process. 

Last year was tough !!! As stated in the report ” Depression rate has tripled in US adults in all demographic groups due to Covid-19″.

But, remember new year means new opportunities, clean start, new hopes and new you. This year can be and will be much better. This has to be your slogan in this year. 

However, to obtain a happier life, you have to be mentally strong and have a positive mindset. Because, if negative thoughts override the positive ones in your mind, it can bring on both physical and psychological health problems. 

We compiled 8 tips that will help you identify the factors that hinder your personal development as well as personal happiness.

With the help of these tips, you can work towards a new, improved version of yourself in the new year.

Let’s go through these 8 tips that will contribute to your life in the new year in many ways. 


1- Live For the Moment

1- Thinking about the past and learning the necessary lessons from them.

2- Envisaging the future and estimating what may happen, so, you can better prepare yourself.

There is no doubt that these two are useful strategies. However, the problem begins when you dwell in the past or in the future more than you should. If you always think about the past or future, you might be wasting the present moment.

No one can change what happened in the past, or no one has control over the future, therefore, seize the day and try to notice positive things around you in this specific moment.

This mindset ” living the moment ” will improve your spiritual and physical well-being in the short-term.


2- Think Positively

Producing disaster scenarios, focusing on the possibility of losing something you have, believing that unwelcome things will happen and the likes of negative thoughts can literally consume you and steal your joy as a result.  

Therefore, having a positive mindset, fending off disaster scenarios from your mind and believing everything will be alright can be your weapon against negativity in this year.

Bear in mind that the human brain is conditioned to stay alert and is sceptical to avoid potential risks. Despite, you can tame your brain and control your thoughts. Thus, it will be easier for you to get rid of the misgivings that lead you to anxiety and depression.

Moreover, always thinking the worst-case scenario can pave the way for mistakes. Therefore, force yourself to think positive it will become natural after some time.


3- Make Peace with Yourself

As every person made, you made mistake/mistakes as well, simply because you are a human being.

Bear in mind that we are all human and we make mistakes from time to time

As a result of these mistakes, you might be unmercifully blaming yourself and talking down to you.

While it is useful for your personal development to think about a mistake you made and learn a lesson from it, severely blaming yourself can ruin your self-confidence and self-esteem.

If you are criticising yourself for a mistake you made, remember, this year you will make new mistakes. We all make them.

Think about these mistakes, and, make fun of them. Realise, how much that mistake changed and improved you. if you didn’t make mistakes you would never learn anything.

If you missed an opportunity, this year you will get another, maybe a better one. The opportunity you missed last time made you more experienced. Therefore, you will recognise the next opportunity with ease.

Embrace your mistakes and make peace with yourself in the new year. It will improve your life in many respects.


4- Say “Thank you or Sorry “

Your pride might be preventing you from saying “thank you” or “I am sorry” wherever and whenever necessary. Or, you might perceive uttering these simple expressions as a sign of weakness.

Although it is hard to realise these two simple expressions are vital pillars of our society.

If it is hard for you to say these words, you might be unwittingly harming your social relationships.

You might have lost someone you loved since you couldn’t say I am sorry. Or, people may have inclined away from you because you never say thank you.

For these reasons, try to use these expressions in the new year more often. These simple words will strengthen your relationships with others, in turn, will improve your life in the new year.


5- Spend Less Time on Social Media

Quitting using social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram might appear too much. Because these and other social media platforms have become an inseparable part of daily life. 

But, how about cutting back the time you spend scrolling down on social media platforms in the new year?

According to a study, limiting social media use to 30 minutes a day reduce loneliness and depression.

In general, people are happy, rich, fancy and they seem to travel a lot when you look at their lives on these platforms. Or, quite the contrary  the world isn’t a good place to live in, everything is bad and people are relentless,  these are the type of news you can encounter on social media platforms. 

These things, in general, do not reflect reality and can tire you mentally. Therefore, try to limit your social media use to 30 minutes a day. In doing so, you will both minimise the risk of mental impact and more importantly, you will spare more time to your personal development. 

Spend more time with your loved ones instead of spending too much time on social media. This will improve your life in the new year. 


6- Set a goal

If you have already a goal that you have been working on hard to accomplish, you should continue to do so. On the other hand, if you don’t have one, you may want to consider setting a goal, that will improve your life in the new year.

As Thomas Carlyle ( British Historian) said:  a life without a goal is like a ship without a rudder. Goals, dreams and desires shape your life and give you reasons to move forward. 

Set a goal and give your best to accomplish it. This necessary struggle will improve your life in the new year.


7- Avoid Holding Grudge

Someone you would never expect might have betrayed you. It can be your husband, wife, girlfriend – boyfriend or a close friend.

It is so easy to get upset and hold a grudge as a result of betrayal. You might have been wounded with harsh words, might have been cheated or might have been denigrated.

There can be countless reasons that can make you frustrated.

However, the thing is that holding grudge against someone can sneakily gnaw your spirit. There are numerous studies that reveal the destructive impacts of holding a grudge on mental and physical health.

Forgive the person/persons inside of you. This will remove the burden from your shoulders. Leave your grudges aside, even though you have every right to be frustrated. This mindset will genuinely improve your well-being in the new year.


8- Exercise Regularly

If you have an exercise routine, maintain this rather beneficial routine this year too. If not, please consider starting to do exercise this year for the sake of a better version of you in the new year.

It doesn’t have to be a strenuous form of exercise. If you don’t exercise for a long time, opt for a relatively easier one such as walking, cycling or jogging.

Doing exercise has been proven countless times to boost individuals’ both mental and physical health. Spare more time for physical activity to improve your life quality in the new year.

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