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8 Science-Backed Health Benefits Of Bananas

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bananas health benefits

Many of us would have agreed with the following sentence ” Bananas are extremely beneficial food for us, as long as consumed at the right amount,”.

In this article, we will discover 8 science-backed health benefits of eating bananas.



According to the statistics; bananas are both Brits’ and Americans’ most favourite fruit. This can be explained by the fact that bananas can be consumed four-season thanks to the advancement in international trade.

However, not only people in these countries but also people from all around the world consume bananas. This must be an indication of bananas’ popularity around the world. 

Bananas, originally found in South East Asia, are produced in many tropical places around the world. According to the stats; India, China, Indonesia and Brazil are respectively the largest banana producers around the world.

Bananas have many health benefits from fighting depression, relieving morning sickness to supporting bone health.

Before talking about each health benefit of bananas in detail, let’s touch upon the nutrients found in bananas in order to comprehend the core reason why bananas are considered rather healthy. 


Banana Nutrition Facts 

Bananas are especially famous for their high vitamin B6 content. In addition to vitamin B6, a single banana contains A, B1, B2, C and E vitamins.

Furthermore, banana supplies potassiumfibreironcalcium, and sodium to the body.

What seems like the downside of bananas is their high-calorie content.


1- Heart Health

Banana is not the superhero of your heart on its own. Almost every food that contains potassium and magnesium can support your heart health. What’s special about bananas; these two minerals are substantially available in bananas, particularly potassium. 

Banana consumption thus potassium and magnesium intake are proven to regulate blood pressure. Balanced blood pressure keeps heart problems at bay.

Furthermore, a study carried out in 2014 proved that regular potassium intake minimises stroke risk, especially in women.

Naturally, other foods that contain potassium could protect the heart and minimise stroke risk as well. Please note that the number of fruits that can supply more potassium than a banana is limited.


2- Stronger Bones

Bananas’ bone strengthing feature is one of the reasons why athletes and bodybuilders are prone to consuming bananas. Since intense physical activity necessitates healthy and strong bones, bananas find a place in athletes’ diets.

Bananas support bone density with the nutrients it contains. Especially, vitamin C which abounds in bananas, and calcium are linked to healthy bones

In addition to vitamin C and calcium, Vitamin B and magnesium consolidate bone formation.


3- Ease Digestion

When a problem occurs somewhere in the digestion organs for instance in the small intestines or stomach,  we experience problems; diarrhoea, bloating, gas, and constipation to name a few.

The good news is that adding bananas to the diet may tackle some of these digestive problems thanks to their high fibre content.

Fibre is an important nutrient for digestion because fibre makes bowel movements easy, thereby contributing to the digestion process. Banana consumption is especially effective against diarrhoea.

Don’t forget a medium-size nearly 110-gr banana may supply 3.1 grams of fibre, which is a substantial amount considering an adult needs 25-gram of fibre daily. 


4-Prevents Anaemia

Anaemia affects almost 2 billion people around the world. You hear that right. 2 billion !!

Especially those who live in developing and under-develop countries are more susceptible to anaemia due to food insufficiency. Anaemia can cause fatigue, difficulty in breathing, irregular heartbeats and so on.

Bananas supply a handsome amount of iron which plays an important role in haemoglobin production thereby fighting against anaemia. Therefore, bananas are, so to speak, tailor-made foods to tackle iron deficiency anaemia.


5- Lowers Blood Pressure

Despite the fact that a medium-sized banana contains 14-gram sugar bananas are one of the safest foods to eat by patients with diabetes. Because bananas don’t cause fluctuation in the glucose level when eaten in moderation.

The reason that a banana doesn’t increase blood sugar is hidden in its fibre content. Therefore, bananas are one of the most recommended fruits for diabetic patients by the American Diabetes Association.

Please note that under-ripe bananas are slightly more suitable than ripe ones to consume for diabetic patients.


6- Speeds Up Muscle Recovery

Bananas speed up muscle recovery by providing two important substances to the body.

These are carbohydrates and of course potassium. Carbohydrates help your body repair the muscles after a workout.

Potassium, which is available in bananas in great quantities, replenishes electrolyte levels thereby accelerating muscle recovery.

It is not in vain that a great number of athletes have been preferring bananas as a post-workout snack.


7- Help Reduce Stress

It is not a coincidence that bananas almost always occupy the first place when searching about ” foods that reduce stress levels” on the internet.

Especially vitamin B6 and folate are necessary for serotonin production in the body.

Seratonin helps regulate many functions in the body. Mood, sleep, and digestion to name a few. Therefore, banana consumption might be an effective way to manage stress.

Another property of potassium is reducing tension. For this reason, some people who are generally under pressure related to their occupations such as public speakers, politicians, singers, and broadcasters are known to consume bananas to reduce tension and stress.


8- Excellent Energy Source

It is evident that bananas are one of the best energy providers among foods. For instance, after an intense workout when the body’s energy stores are nearly depleted, bananas can be a saviour by boosting energy levels.

Bananas contain 3 different energy sources  (sugars) namely; sucrose, fructose and glucose. Among them especially glucose provides the necessary energy during the day. In addition to that; carbohydrates, vitamin B6 and potassium help increase the energy level in the body.

Consequently, as mentioned earlier, bananas are indispensable food for athletes to maintain their best performance and endurance. 



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