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8 Potential Ways to Get Rid of Headaches

a man is suffering from headaches


Headaches may occur due to various reasons and almost everyone experiences headaches at some point. It is kind of an inevitable part of daily life. Especially, busy and stressful city life sets the stage for headaches.

It is really hard to describe a headache since it may hit from different areas of the head at different times. Sometimes from the temples sometimes from the forehead. There are various types of headaches. Yet, the most common headache types are indicated as; Migraine headaches, tension headaches and cluster headaches.

Even scientists and doctors don’t perfectly comprehend the exact causes of different types of headaches.

The human brain is quite a complicated mechanism, therefore, there are things that even scientists haven’t been able to understand so far. Luckily, there are ways to stop and soothe the headaches apart from a painkiller. 

A moderate headache can be tolerated by individuals. However, when the headache is severe, it directly reduces the quality of our lives. At the moment of a strong headache, concentrating on a job, lesson or other daily activities would become an insurmountable task for all of us. 

If you suffer from frequent headaches, then it is time to consult your doctor given the fact that sustained headaches can be a precursor of a more serious disease.

Apart from that, there are things we can do to stop headaches that become unbearable from time to time.

Knowing the remedy to stop headaches and also taking the precautions before their occurrence will literally increase our quality of life for us. Let’s glance at these remedies for headaches.


8 Ways to Stop Headaches


1-) Drink Water

To begin with, the recommended amount of water consumption (8 glasses per day ) is essential for a healthier life. Likewise, in other bodily functions, the human brain needs water to function effectively.

When water consumption is neglected, the body may malfunction. Let’s not forget; A body deprived of water becomes susceptible to headaches.

Therefore, before swallowing a pain killer, it is better to consider drinking water. According to a study; water has been proven as an effective way to significantly reduce migraine headaches. Don’t forget drinking water will also be conducive to killing headaches caused by thirst.


2-) Take a Hot (warm) Shower

Taking a shower with hot water can relax the tense muscles in the body. Additionally, veins that are exposed to hot water ( BTW do not burn yourself ) enlarge. As a consequence of these enlarged veins; blood flow becomes easier throughout the body.

Especially, a hot shower is recommended if you think stress has caused the headache. In a nutshell, taking a hot shower definitely helps to reduce headaches especially caused by stress and migraine.

Nonetheless, taking a hot shower may not be the best idea in some instances. For example; if the headache is accompanied by other ailments such as nausea, taking a cold shower would be a better idea.

Furthermore, staying under hot water for a long time is known to distort the natural bacteria flora that protects our skin.


3-) Get Oxygen Outside

When the headache hits unmercifully, we even may not be able to think of standing up. On the other hand, if the headache is somewhat bearable, walking outside to increase circulation in the body as well as allowing your lung to fill up themselves with fresh air is a sensible idea.

At the very least, it stops the headache from moving to a more advanced stage. For this reason, next time when a headache hits you, you may go walking in a relatively quiet environment to reduce the pain.


4-) Avoid Smoking

As everyone would expect; smoking cigarettes generally cause headaches or worsen the situation. Not only the smoker but also the person who is exposed to second-hand tobacco can experience headaches consequently.

This one is explained by the fact that nicotine which is an addictive substance inside tobacco products hinders blood flow to the brain. This situation triggers a migraine. 

Quitting can be a really challenging issue. However, leaving aside this bad habit offers many health benefits. One of them is rarer headaches. At the very least, smoking should be stopped briefly if the person is experiencing a headache in order to prevent the situation from getting worse.


5-) Avoid Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption is associated with various diseases such as high blood pressure, liver diseases, cancer, stroke and so forth. Compared to these almost fatal diseases, headache is inferior to them to speak honestly. Nonetheless, I want to be undiplomatic and say” alcohol triggers migraine“.

The moment that you are having a couple of drinks with your friends may reduce the pain. Because alcohol dulls the body and thus your head. Thereafter, most likely the next morning “hangover” will start.

The reasons for a hangover are unquality sleep, dehydration and inflammation due to alcohol consumption. These factors are strong enough to cause severe headaches the next morning. 

Therefore, drinking water along with alcohol reduces dehydration and soothes the pain the next morning. The second option presumably is the best to keep alcohol consumption at a moderate level or not drink at all to avoid headaches. 


6-) Avoid Strong Smells

It is already known that strong smells can be a triggering factor for headaches. Especially, migraine patients should avoid heavy smells when the migraine hits them. Because smells like perfume or a scented candle may worsen their situation. Based on this, it is sensible to keep yourself away from strong odours. 

Apart from that, mint and lemon can soothe headaches and relax the brain. They also can be added to the water.


7-) Massage Your Temples

 Massage reduces stress levels and therefore reduces muscle rigidity which is one of the main reasons for headaches. Additionally, applying massage to the area between cheekbones and temples literally reduces tension and puts you in a more relaxed state of mind.


8 ) Quiet and Dark Room

Sleeping or resting in a quiet and darkroom appears to be the best option in the course of migraine attacks since individuals become more sensitive and fragile.

For these reasons, a quiet and darkroom will be conducive when it comes to relieving headaches.