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Top 9 Foods to Suppress your Appetite

suppress your appetite

Whether you are overweight and want to lose a few kilos to be healthy, improve your appearance and slide into your new skinny jeans -perhaps you’re under pressure from relentless advertising- the modern world dictates slimmer is better. Whatever the reason, you are determined to lose pounds.

If that is the case, you know the best way to do it!! It is reducing the calorie you take daily. However, this situation will compel you to eat less than you normally do.

Resisting the sense of hunger or fighting against your stomach’s ” I am hungry ” signals that entice you to eat isn’t easy. Decreasing the amount you eat might be bearable at the beginning, but, later it can be torturous for every person not to eat when hungry.

So, we know the culprit now; your appetite. But, there must be a way to suppress your appetite so that you can reach your goal that is losing weight.

We all lose our appetite when sick, in turn, eat less. However, in this article, we are going to focus on natural and healthy ways to suppress your appetite.

The followings are the foods that suppress your appetite by keeping you full longer.


1- Almonds

Almonds are loved by many people throughout the world as delicious snacks. However, it is necessary to say that almonds are as healthy as they are tasty. The health benefits of almonds range from the heart to the brain.

We are convinced that almonds are healthy snacks that we should eat regularly. But, do almonds help you to lose weight as well by reducing hunger? Scientific studies and experts’ views say “yes”. Almonds are the perfect choice to suppress your appetite.

Almonds have appetite-suppressing effects, which means keep you feeling full thus helping you eat less. In an interview, Professor Richard Mattes from Purdue University points out a scientific study that reveals almonds’ hunger-curbing effect


2- Water

Hitting two birds with one stone, so to speak. In this modern world, many people drink water less than they are recommended. Since drinking water has the ability to suppress your appetite you will be motivated to drink more glasses. By drinking a sufficient amount of water you can contribute to your overall health plus you will curb your appetite.

So, how does it work? Essentially, drinking water is one of the easiest ways to suppress hunger. When the stomach contains water, it sends a fulness signal to the brain. As such, experts recommend drinking water before meals to decrease your portion size.

scientific study shows that people who drink water before meals eat approximately 25 per cent less than those who don’t drink before meals.


3- Coffee

One of the most favourite beverages especially in the business world is indeed coffee. Coffee is another drink along with water that can play a great role in curbing your appetite thus preventing you from eating excessively.

Essentially coffee is not the mere thing that curbs your appetite but the caffeine found in the coffee is the superhero when it comes to killing the appetite, even though caffeine’s appetite suppressing effect is short. 

Furthermore, an article written on coffee’s appetite-suppressing effect claims that also decaf coffee can suppress appetite thanks to peptide tyrosine. What we should infer from these pieces of information is that drinking coffee with caffeine or without caffeine helps you to curb your hunger.


4- Avocado

There must be a great number of scientific studies that indicate the benefits of either avocado or avocado oil on human health and appearance. However, what we should ascertain here is whether avocado consumption can curb the appetite.

The answer is yes! A number of pieces of evidence suggest that avocados can suppress one’s appetite. To explain this phenomenon scientists highlight the time required by the human body to digest avocado.

To put it simply, since avocado takes too much time to digest and slows digestion, a fullness signal is sent stomach your brain from your stomach during the digestion process. This scientific report confirms the above-given information as to avocado’s appetite-suppressing property.


5- Dark Chocolate

Many of us would associate any type of chocolate with weight gaining or being overweight. However, reality can be the reverse. Eating dark chocolate in moderation can be really suppressing your appetite, in turn, can help you to lose weight.

The fact that chocolate consumption curbs the appetite stem from both the bitter taste of chocolate and the stearic acid available in dark chocolate. Stearic acid has the ability to slow digestion, therefore, it can reduce your appetite.

As the scientific study reports; dark chocolate promotes satiety and suppresses the sense of eating something.


6- Flax Seed


There is a huge chance that you would come across flaxseeds as exploring the best seeds for the human body on the internet. Flaxseeds are small seeds that contain a great amount of fibre, omega 3 and protein. Therefore, it is not difficult to notice that consuming these snacks regularly brings positive health results.

As for the flaxseeds’ appetite suppressing effect, there are scientific studies, demonstrating flaxseeds’ property of curbing appetite and making you feel full. The findings of a scientific report confirm the fact that flaxseeds consumption can suppress appetite.

However, what you shouldn’t forget is that the human body can’t digest flax seeds due to the hard shell. Therefore, grind the flaxseeds and add them to your smoothies or yoghurt.


7- Salmon

You must have heard how healthy your heart would be if you consumed salmon, which is rich in omega 3, on a regular basis. Scientific studies support the fact that salmon is a healthy fish thanks to its proteins and omega-3 fatty contents.

Even though salmon is good for overall health, it is a wonder what role it can have in curbing the appetite. In fact, salmon consumption can decrease your appetite since it contains omega-3. When you get omega-3, your body increases the production of leptin, which is a hormone that decreases your appetite. In light of this, it is safe to say that salmon or other fatty fish that contain omega-3 can help you to suppress your appetite.


8-  Green Leafy Vegetables

Logically, one who desires to lose weight would centre his/her diet on vegetables. They are both healthy – as science confirms – and are effective to lose weight. But, how does consuming green leafy vegetables help you lose weight. The answer is easy curbing your appetite.

As mentioned in the previous section, leptin is a hormone that decreases people’s appetite whereas ghrelin increase appetite. If you can succeed in increasing your leptin amount in the body, technically you decrease your appetite. The fact is that green leafy vegetables contain thylakoids that contribute to leptin production in the body. Therefore, consuming green leafy vegetables that contain thylakoids, can promise you a suppressed appetite.



It would be time-wasting to explain how natural and beneficial lentils are. Since they contain many nutrients needed for the human body, we human beings tend to consume this edible legume, ever since prehistoric times.

Among lentils’ rich nutrient content fibre and protein, which are both abound in lentils, slow the digestion process thus keeping you full longer. Starting from this point, it is a need to say that other fibre-rich foods such as whole grains, beans, chickpeas too can keep you full longer.


Note: Using the colour blue in and around food may help suppress your appetite.