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7 Common Traits of Unsuccessful People

traits of unsuccessful people

In this article, we are going to discover the common traits of unsuccessful people. However, before judging people over being successful or opposite unsuccessful, we all need to be able to understand what success is.

The huge problem at this point is there is no precise definition of success. Because everyone would define success with his/her terms and perspective.

Despite the fact that we can’t find a common ground for the definition of success, I believe, every one of us agrees on one particular issue which is ” success requires great work and determination “. To simply put, success doesn’t come easily.

Even though in today’s world, success is hugely characterised by money, wealth or job titles ( CEO- general manager, etc ) it should be rather achieving a goal a person sets such as learning a language, working in a dream job, losing weight, building body or many other things that requires perseverance, determination and time.

So, what makes some people successful in life – means achieving whatever their goals are- while others give up before achieving their dreams? There must be a bunch of habits that separate the successful people from unsuccessful ones.

In this article, we will investigate 7 common traits that prevent people from going to victory.


7 Common Traits of Unsuccessful People


1- Fear of Failure

Like all living things, mainly, animals on earth, we have a sense of fear that enabled humanity to survive by this age. Without fear,  most likely human race and animals would have become extinct. As such, it is safe to say that fear is a good thing in a sense.

However, what human beings are afraid of has changed a lot. While our ancestors would be feared of huge animals or certain natural events like a volcanic eruption, in today’s society we have different types of fears such as fear of failure, of being criticised or fear of public speaking.

It is quite normal to experience fear while embarking upon a new task or striving for a goal. However, what differs a successful person from an unsuccessful is the way a successful person responds to the fear of failure.

Most of the time, successful people acknowledge the existence of fear, therefore, they don’t allow the fear of impeding their success, while unsuccessful people amplify the fear of failure in their minds.


2- Being Inconsistent

Every one of us set different goals at different times with great eagerness. Then we start working on the goal we set. Initially, it is alright to giving time, energy and sweat for the job we are doing. But, afterwards, things may appear not as easy as imagined to be.

Especially, in this modern age, many people are conditioned to see quick results. Therefore, the eagerness of doing what is necessary and the belief a person had at the beginning start fading. This is exactly the breaking point.

Some people ( unsuccessful ) stop showing up and lingering around with none very little hope and many  doubts in their mind as to whether or not they can achieve the goal they set. Being inconsistent is one of the most common traits of unsuccessful people.

As for the successful people, they are well aware of the importance of being consistent, working nearly every day, moving forward. It doesn’t matter how talented a person is. The key is consistency, the key is moving forward, the key is working every day until achieving the goal.

Unsuccessful people throw in the towel, stop being productive and doubt on their strength to finish the race.


3- Rejecting Help

Everyone has unique personality traits. While a person does like doing something the other hate or fear of doing the same thing. These differences make all of us unique. Nevertheless, a specific trait a person has might be an impeding factor when it comes to becoming successful.

One of these personal traits that inhibits someone’s success might be the personal trait of rejecting the help of others. It is totally understandable that some people desire to be alone while fighting for their dreams. However, what all of us might be overlooking is we are human beings with limited power. And we inevitably need each others’ help at some point in life.

Those who reject others’ assistance regardless of the circumstance are doomed to be unsuccessful. Going alone is okay but helping others and getting their help when necessary is crucial. As Ser Joroh Mormant says — a character from Game of Thrones ( a tv-series) — No one can survive in this world without help.


4- Not Handling Criticism

From most successful to least ( if we could measure it ), from wealthies to poorest; everyone in this world encounters criticism. Criticism is an inevitable part of life. People can be criticised even at the moment they think they are doing everything right.

Let’s concede the fact that it is not always easy to handle criticism, therefore many of us would desire to avoid them completely. According to psychologist Barbara Greenberg: Criticism is so painful is because it stays with us longer than praise.

Even though criticism is a kind of thing we all would want to avoid completely, successful people see criticism as an opportunity to grow. They also considered criticism is a key for improvement and necessary tool to avoid complacency.

The way a person handles and responds criticisms can determine whether or not the person has the capacity to be highly successful.


5- Being Perfectionist

This one must be quite related to the previous one ” not being able to handle criticisms “. I will touch on it in a minute. However, before that, it is worth saying that everyone would want to be perfect or quite close to being perfect. But the truth is whatever the job you are doing, no matter how beautiful you are, there is always mistakes ( you make ) and flaws ( belong to you ). To put simply, no one can be perfect.

What the issue is some people are perfectionist!! The definition of a perfectionist is according to Wikipedia personality style characterized by a person’s concern with striving for flawlessness and perfection and is accompanied by critical self-evaluations and concerns regarding others’ evaluations.

Another reason that force people to be perfectionism is not being able to handle criticism. Since they can’t be bothered with criticism they try to be perfect to avoid criticism completely. This is once again the turnout for people who are successful and who are not.

Successful people accept the mistakes they can make and learn from them while perfectionists are damaging themselves to be PERFECT which is impossible.


6- Past Mistakes

Life is a long process all of us go through with different experiences. We can define them as good and bad moments in our lives. While good experiences are okay, bad ones might cause disturbing feelings as we recall them.

There is a strong relationship between past experiences and success. As human beings, each of us made many mistakes. However, mistakes and bad experiences happen in the past control unsuccessful people’s today also discourage them to move forward. Dweling in the past mistakes is a common traits of unsuccessful people.

On the other hand, successful people have already made peace with themselves and with their past mistakes. They consider the mistakes they made in the past as invaluable lessons and concentrate on moving forward instead of dwelling in the past.


7- Making Excuses

Last but not least at all. Making excuses is one of the best methods that many use in order to relieve themselves. It works, though, for a short period of time.

However, making excuses and blaming others instead of taking the whole responsibility is where successful and unsuccessful people separate from each other.

Unsuccessful people generally have many excuses for many things. They stay their comfort zone by making excuses. They blame others for the consequences of unsuccessful attempts. As such, unsuccessful people remain where they are. Simply put, making excuses is one of the most common traits of unsuccessful people.

On the other side, successful people take full responsibility and don’t make excuses. Instead of making excuses, they search for answers for instance what they are holding them in their comfort zone or where and why they made the mistakes and how to compensate for their mistakes.

Bottom line is successful people face the reality while unsuccessful people make excuses to avoid reality and responsibility.


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