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Cholesterol Deposits Around the Eyes

Cholesterol Deposits


(Xanthelasma)  Cholesterol Deposits 

Cholesterol Deposits aka Xanthelasma are yellow colour fat accumulation around the eyes, generally emerge on the upper and lower eyelids. Since these lesions are filled with fats ( mainly cholesterol ), they are called cholesterol deposits. 

Cholesterol deposits are considered a benign formation around the eyes and ,in general, this condition is not an indication of a serious health problem. Doctors (dermatologists) do not know the exact cause of this ailment.

Although, cholesterol Deposits mainly appear around the eyelids; genital areaarmpit and abdominal area are also suitable regions for these lipid deposits. 

Cholesterol Deposit is a rather common skin condition and generally starts after puberty. The bad news for women is that they are more susceptible to develop these lipid lesions than men.

Furthermore, these yellowish lumps tend to appear on the upper eyelid more than on the lower eyelid. 

As most of us would guess, cholesterol development around the eyes doesn’t impair one’s sight or inhibit the eyelids functions.

As such, individuals seek for the best methods to get rid of them due to aesthetics reasons. These yellowish bumps may affect one’s appearance in a negative way and thus impacting the person’s self-confidence. 

Those who suffer from this skin condition should be aware of the fact that cholesterol deposits are permanent and do not go away on their own. Furthermore, the small lumps may grow in the progress of time.



As indicated earlier, the exact cause of xanthelasma is not known. However, more than half of those who suffer from cholesterol accumulation under the skin around the eyes, have also blood lipid abnormalities. It doesn’t mean that those whose blood lipid is normal will never encounter this skin problem.

Additionally, patients who genetically have high cholesterol or triglyceride levels, are more likely to develop cholesterol deposit problem. Moreover, diabetes and thyroid problems are thought to cause cholesterol accumulation on the eyelids.

Other risk factors that may result in cholesterol deposits under the skin;

• Obesity 

° Sedentary lifestyle

• Alcohol Consumption

° Diet rich in saturated fat

• Diabetes 

° Being woman 

• Tobacco Products

Note: A well-rounded scientific study published on 15 September 2011 suggests that people with cholesterol deposits around the eyes may be more susceptible to heart diseases, mainly heart attack. 

It is wise to consult your physician as to this skin condition in spite of the fact that these yellowish bumps are ( almost ) harmless. The physician may want to measure the cholesterol level in the blood.



Even though these yellowish lesions are almost completely harmless, individuals may want to get rid of them due to aesthetical reasons.

Cholesterol deposits

Cholesterol deposits on the upper eyelids

According to Healthline: The following are the treatment options for Xanthelasma…

• Cryotherapy

° Laser surgery

• Traditional surgery

° Radiofrequency advanced electrolysis (RAF)

• Chemical peels

°Certain Medications 


Apart from above-given treatment methods, there are certain things that we can consider to minimise the risk of cholesterol deposits under the skin.

1-) As mentioned above, the amount of cholesterol could be the culprit for this skin condition. Therefore, choosing a healthy diet thus reducing cholesterol level in the blood may prevent the formation of these lesions. 


2-) Cholesterol deposits may erupt due to sleep deficiency or oversleeping. Therefore, going to bed and waking up around the same time helps the body function ideally. A body that functions smoothly may prevent cholesterol deposit as well as other health conditions. 


3-) Another triggering factor for cholesterol deposit is suggested to be stress. Especially long-term stress could set off fat accumulation under the skin. Doing meditation or exercise can help to stay calm. 


4-) Drinking sufficient amount of water as well as limiting coffee, cola and alcohol consumption could reduce the risk of cholesterol deposits around the eyes.


5-) Exercising regularly is a quite important activity for all of us. In addition to that, exercising is the best tool for burning fat in the body. Exercising regularly can balance in the blood, therefore, may prevent the occurrence of these bumps. 120 minute total of exercise a week would suffice. 

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