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9 Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Reasons quitting smoking

Truth to be told, even doctors and scientist acknowledge the fact that quitting smoking is hard. But, it is far from being impossible. In another article, we compiled the main factors that make quitting smoking that difficult.

Even though having a smoking habit negatively affects us in many ways such as budget, bad smell, time-consuming, in this article we will solely focus on the health reasons to quit smoking.

And, hopefully, below-given health reasons can help you stop smoking which you may have been contemplating on for a long time but has appeared as an insurmountable task to you. Bear in mind that, it is never too late to reap the health benefits of a smoke-free life.


1- Minimise Cancer Risk

The most famous one is cancer! Smoker or non-smoker everyone knows that smoking is a huge risk factor for cancer development in the body. Not only the smoker him/herself but also the people who exposed to secondhand tobacco are at great risk of developing cancer.

A scientific report consolidates the link between smoking habit and various types of cancer. These cancer types range from lung, oesophagus, mouth, throat, kidney, liver, pancreas, stomach to colon.

Quitting tobacco use prevents further DNA damage caused by smoking and even helps repair the damage that has already occurred. Therefore, smoking is the best way to reduce the risk of developing the cancers in question.


2- Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases

You don’t have to wait too much reap the reward for your heart. Because not too much, only 2o minutes after the last cigarette the heart rate and blood pressure comes to a normal level.

Please note that cardiovascular diseases — for instance; heart attack, heart failure, stroke — are the leading cause of death ( roughly 18 million people every year ) worldwide according to the World Health Organisation.

After quitting, the possibility of dangerous clots in the blood decreases in the progress of time. The heart’s work is also reduced because blood can travel more easily through the body. What’s more, quitting will lower cholesterol and fat level but doesn’t remove the already accumulated cholesterol in the veins.


3- Stronger Immune System

The immune system is one of the most important mechanisms in the human body because this defence mechanism protects us against nearly every illness. When the immune system weakens for any reason, the human body becomes susceptible to infections and diseases. According to doctors, the main factor that weakens the immune system is smoking.

Smoking causes healthy cells to die. When you stop smoking, you will prevent further damage to your immune system. Shortly after the quitting the blood circulation, in turn, oxygen level increases in the body.

This unhindered blood circulation will enable the immune system to regain its strength. And, with the aid of a strong immune system, you can keep flu, common cold even Covid-19 at bay.


4- Better Smell and Taste

You may have to wait long, for instance, so that your lungs recover and clean themselves after quitting tobacco products. However, this time the reward is quite close and you don’t have to wait too much. The reward is to regain smell and taste senses.

Smokers have a less effective smell and taste sense due to smoking even though they do not realise. Within a couple of days, you will realise how sharp your smell and how tasty the foods. Furthermore, if you smell the clothes you used to be wearing while you were a smoker, you will most likely congratulate yourself over your wise decision ” quitting “.

From time to time, regaining the taste sense poses perplexing questions about weight gain. Since the foods are tasty and also smoking doesn’t suppress your appetite, like many ex-smoker gained some weight after quitting you too may gain some weight. But, the monstrous appetite will turn normal after some time.


5- Better Skin

Here is another strong incentive to stop smoking. Everyone desires to have a good appearance especially in this modern world where the appearance matters a lot. However, having good skin, in turn, appearance for smokers is almost only a dream.

Because smoking does not only affect the lungs and cardiovascular system. The harm of smoking on the skin is evident in the scientific study. Smoking narrows down the veins and hampers the blood circulation due to the toxic chemicals. As a consequence of the narrowed veins, the ailments like wrinkles, scaling and discolouration can befall smokers. 

Skin sags and premature wrinkles are inevitable if you are a longterm smoker. But the human body is quite merciful. Once you stop smoking, the increased blood circulation will help your body to regain your healthy complexion.


6- More Energy

In this article, we mentioned repeatedly the consequences of poor blood circulation in the body due to smoking use. Once again, poor and hindered blood circulation is the culprit.

There are many scientific reports that prove the link between tiredness and smoking use. One of these scientific reports proves that smokers are less physically active during the day relative to non-smokers.

Your body will get rid of carbon monoxide gas within a few days after quitting smoking. Hence, the oxygen level will increase as a result of better circulation in the body. To be able to feel happy, energetic and stress-free it is time to quit the energy drainer namely cigarettes.


7-  May Stop Snoring

According to NHS; Snoring occurs due to the vibrations of tongue, mouth, throat or airways in your nose when you breathe. These parts relax and narrow as breathing. Smoking reduces the tension of the tongue and throat muscles thereby causing snoring.

Doctors consider smoking and alcohol use as strong risk factors for snoring. Considering snoring is a serious health problem ( since it negatively affects the sleep quality) and social problem especially in the marriages, it has to be sorted out.

If your snore is caused by smoking, then there is a huge chance that it will go away after you stop smoking completely. And, as a result of it, you and your partner ( if you have one ) will get better sleep.


8- Healthier Teeth and Gums

It is not a secret that almost all heavy smokers suffer from mouth problems; tongue colouration, stains on teeth, yellow colour, bad breath to name but a few.

Even though the occurrence of the above-given problem is mostly associated with how long and how frequently you have been smoking, all smokers, regardless of the how-many-year-smoked, susceptible to bacterial plaque formation.

In addition to that, yellowish stains on and around your teeth literally damage your appearance. Nicotine yellows your teeth. Therefore, you can claim white and health teeth as well as fresh breath with good mouth care after smoking cigarettes.


9- Better Vision

Most of us would know longtime smoking can cause cancer or heart attack but, it must be surprising to hear that smoking also affects smokers’ vision. A report indicates that smoking increases the risk of certain eye diseases such as macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma and Dry Eye Syndrome.

Not only the harmful chemicals inside the tobacco products but also the direct exposure to cigarette smoke irritates the eyes and causing many vision problems. Therefore, even after quitting you should avoid indoor spaces in which cigarette is allowed to protect your eyes.

For the sake of protecting arguably one of the most important organ ” eyes ” , it is time to stop smoking.