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Some Habits That May Cause Wrinkles



No one would want to see wrinkles on his/her face. However, as we all know wrinkles are an inevitable part of the ageing process and there is no way around it. This is for everyone.

Nevertheless, some of us are ready to give our best to avoid or delay wrinkle formation ( especially in the face ) as much as possible. This must be the reason why the number of sales of anti-ageing and other skin-protective creams has rocketed in the last decade, particularly in developed and developing countries.

There are many factors that bring out wrinkles in the human skin. I think the good news is that some of these factors can be prevented with accurate methods.

The technical explanation about wrinkles in the skin is made with diminished collagen production- generally due to ageing. When this production is hindered for whatever reason, the skin loses its elasticity and consequently wrinkles appear in the skin.

The most vulnerable areas in terms the wrinkles are; the face, neck, and the back of the hands since they are directly exposed to sunlight unless sunscreen is used.

Speaking of the sun, let’s not forget people who have naturally darker skin types have more melanin in their skin than those who have lighter skin. Is it relevant? Indeed it is…

Melanin – apart from other roles in the body – has a protective effect against UV radiation. Therefore, people with darker skin tone has a stronger skin feature against sunlight. Hence, not only they would experience fewer wrinkles but also would they experience facial wrinkles later than people with lighter skin.

Apart from the ageing process, there are habits that may accelerate wrinkle formation. So, being able to identify these wrinkle-causing habits can strengthen our hands whilst fighting against them. 

Let’s glance at these habits that can cause or accelerate wrinkle formation in the skin. 


Consuming Too Much Sugar

Sugar is known to be one of the main enemies of the skin. These two fellows (sugar and skin )have never liked each other. But in this story sugar is the villain. Just because, regular processed sugar consumption is proven to cause wrinkles in the skin.

According to dermatologists; frequent high blood sugar level in the body is an obstacle for people who want to have healthy skin. Sugar weakens individuals’ immune systems thus they become susceptible to illnesses. Furthermore, the weakened immune system causes acne, dark spots, and pimples. 

Don’t forget excessive sugar consumption may cause dry skin.

So, anymore, we know that too much sugar consumption brings about many skin problems as well as other health problems. Acne, dark spots, pimples and wrinkles are among the negative impacts of sugar.

The recommended sugar consumption by AHAFor men: 9 teaspoons For women: 6 teaspoons daily.



To be honest, I wouldn’t deny the short-time pleasure of smoking as an ex-smoker. However, on the other hand, the number of diseases related to smoking is terrifying. Considering that tobacco contains more than 4000 chemicals, it is horrifically harmful to the human body. Under these circumstances, the skin gets its share of tobacco usage. 

Premature wrinkles ( maybe the most innocent problem compared to other smoking-related diseases) have been proven by many scientific studies. And, one of these researches indicates that; those who smoke have 3 times more wrinkles on their skins than those who don’t smoke. 

This claim is supported by the fact that smoking has negative effects on elastin fibres, which provide the skin’s flexibility and quality. In light of this, everyone who smokes can expect wrinkles to appear on their face as time goes by. Moreover, smoking is allegedly more harmful than UVA rays to the skin.


 Not Using Sunscreen 

Speaking of the sun’s ultraviolet rays! We human beings tend to think that we should protect the skin only in summertime when the sun is so strong and at the top. 

However, UVA rays (causing wrinkles) are equally strong all year round even though we don’t realise it. When the skin is exposed to UVB and UVA rays, individuals may experience serious skin problems such as age spots, wrinkles, or ( worst ) skin cancer. 

As mentioned, at the beginning of the article, sun exposure is one of the leading causes of wrinkles. Starting from this fact, it must not be too difficult to find out that as long as we protect the skin from the sun’s UV rays, we may prevent premature wrinkles. For this reason, using sunscreen is one of the most effective ways of preventing or at least delaying wrinkle formation in the skin.


 Sleep Position 

I would have never anticipated that the way I sleep will be a determining factor in the wrinkles on my face. However, this is accurate information. 

Sleeping facedown induces wrinkles. Of course, throughout the night we change position unconsciously as we sleep. So, the best thing do to is to try not to fall asleep in this position(facedown).

Additionally, it is best to sleep faceup, if you can, because sleeping in the supine position is the best position when it comes to avoiding sleep wrinkles according to dermatologists…



Malnutrition makes a negative impact on your health. The skin is one of the organs that will get damaged most in the case of nutritional deficiencies. 

The diet that you choose, should contain a variety of foods and vegetables. Because eating one type of food will cause the body to malfunction.

Therefore, mainly fibrous foods should be on our menu to get wrinkle-free and healthy skin.

Sugar and salt are the two enemies of your skin just because they will destroy the skin structure as long as you keep consuming them. Eat vegetables and fruits frequently. Prefer vitamins A, E, and C.

Last but not least, drink at least 8 glasses of water per day for stunning skin.