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Bad Breath : Causes , Preventions and Treatments

bad breath causes


No one would want to deal with a bad breath problem. This problem may befall all of us at any time. However, this is a medical condition some of us frequently suffer from. Having bad breath and not being aware of its existence may harm social relationships by disturbing others unwittingly. Therefore, it is safe to say that bad breath, unlike other medical conditions, is also a social problem.

In this parallel, especially those who have economic self-sufficiency can fill their bathrooms with mouthwashes, mints and toothpaste designed to directly provide a fresher breath.

Let’s not forget neglected mouth care can be strong enough to spoil social relationships. For this reason, we all should take great care when it comes to mouth hygiene.


The Causes of Bad Breath

Bad breath in the mouth may occur due to various reasons. Today, 1 out of 4 people are estimated to deal with bad mouth odour.

If we can identify the internal and external factors that bring about bad breath, then it would be easy for us to overcome the problem.

Let’s glance at some of these bad breath causes.


1- Food

There is a couple of foods that affect mouth odour. For instance; onion, garlic and spices are among the foods that can change your mouth’s odour. After we eat them they are digested and particles go to the lungs by means of the bloodstream. This is how these foods cause unwelcome breath odour.

Since the source of bad breath is the lungs, it can only be delayed for a while with oral care products. On the other hand, the importance of these vegetables ( garlic-onion etc.) for our health is undeniable.


2- Bacteria

It would be easy to estimate that bacteria inside the mouth is the main reason for bad breath. However, most of us don’t know what brings about these odour-causing bacteria formation in the mouth. 

Bacteria formation can take place inside the mouth for various reasons. Food particles that remain in the mouth cause bacteria formation. Particularly, the particles stuck between teeth and on the surface of the tongue amplify the number of bacteria unless the teeth and tongue are brushed and dental floss is used. 

Carrying out regular mouth care not only prevents disturbing mouth odour but also prevents other ailments from taking place inside the mouth such as yellow tongue and gum diseases. 


3- Smoking

There are roughly 600 ingredients in cigarettes and some of them are known to be cancer-causing. Not only cigarettes but also other tobacco products induce unwelcome mouth odour.

Even though the smoker can’t realise this mouth odour, the smell might be disturbing to others. In addition to that, smoking can indirectly bring about bad breath by causing gum diseases which are strong factors in bad breath cases.


4- Dry Mouth

Just above, we have said that bacteria formation is one of the most common causes of bad breath. Dry mouth is quite relevant in this respect.

Because saliva kills the harmful bacteria inside the mouth thus prevents bacteria-related mouth odour. When the salivary glands don’t work properly, the mouth remains dry and bacteria formation accelerates. 

Usually, dry mouth condition happens as a side of prescribed medications. Apart from that; diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, snoring or mouth breathing can give rise to dry mouth.


5- Diseases

There are some diseases whose one of the symptoms is bad breath. Certain cancer types, liver problems, allergies, and diabetes are among the diseases that might result in bad breath.


Ways to check your breath

The factors that cause bad mouth scents show alteration based on the underlying reasons. The underlying reasons might be insufficient mouth hygiene, food remains or bad habits ( smoking, alcohol).

However, being able to identify whether you have bad breath can be your saviour in social interactions and also a warning sign of a more serious health problem.

One of the best methods to determine it is to close your nose and mouth with your hand and blow into your palm and afterwards smell it.

Another method ( that might make you worry a little bit ) is to want someone whom you trust to check your breath. Once you realise that you have got a disturbing mouth smell, then there are a couple of things that you can implement to gain fresh breath.


Treatment for bad breath :

Generally, the best way to avoid a bad smell is to brush your teeth 2 times per day ( especially right after having a meal ) and, furthermore, use dental floss. Dentists recommend rinsing the mouth with mouthwash waters before bed just because the bacteria production increases throughout the night.

Moreover, I have said that one of the reasons for the bad smell is a dry-mouth problem. To overcome the problem, every one of us should drink, at least, 7 glasses of water per day.


Conclusion : 

Badmouth odour may simply be an indicator of poor oral hygiene, however, should it persist, this could suggest a more serious underlying issue.

Regular visits to a dentist will address the causes of bad mouth odours such as gum disease or dental decay.

Persistent bad breath may also be related to wider problems related to the gastrointestinal system, liver and kidneys, which would require referral for a medical assessment