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9 Effective Ways to Live a Less Stressful Life

reduce stress

No one likes stress, no one likes even positive stress. Because we all know the feeling we go through when we are anxious and stressed against a situation. Therefore, everyone desires a happy life and look for ways to reduce stress level.

However, I am afraid, living a completely stress-free life is a farfetched expectation. Especially, in this modern world where we are surrounded by factors — for instance, debts, health issues, busy schedules — that trigger stress hormones in the body. To put it simply, eliminating stress entirely out of your life is impossible.

However, even though we can’t cast off stress hormones from our body, we can and we have to know the ways to minimise the stress we are exposed to for the sake of not only our mental health but also physical health.

Stress might be one of the main factors in the survival of people and other living things, but long-term and uncontrollable stress make us sick literally thus setting off fatal diseases.

It bears repeating, even though we can’t entirely erase stress from our lives, It is in our hands to achieve a happy and peaceful life by reducing the stress we experience.

In the following section, we are sharing with you the 9 most effective ways to minimise stress and bring peace to your life.


1-) Do exercise


Running in nature

Although it is hard to confirm the exact number of scientific studies that demonstrate the positive correlation between exercise and happiness, it is sensible to refer to a couple of them to consolidate the claim of ” having a regular exercise routine significantly reduces stress thus leading you a better and happier life “.

As Harvard Medical School says aerobic exercise is not only beneficial to your body but also to your head. Since many people have already realised that doing exercise increases mood and spirit, they became addicted to exercise. For some, exercise is the best way to overcome daily stress and worries.

Furthermore, another scientific report proves that regular exercise provides emotional resilience and mental strength against psychological ailments, mainly stress. Create time to exercise even if you don’t have it, to defeat stress and worries in life.


2-) Love Yourself

You have to love yourself. You have to take care of yourself because you are the hero in this story. What I am saying might sound selfish but necessary. Without loving yourself, life becomes torture.

Loving yourself is the key to boosting your self-confidence that is indispensable to attain the goals you set and to deal with the problems you face. You can only beat the unwelcome feelings like stress, anxiety and depression by relying on yourself.

The more self-esteem you have, the mentally stronger you are when stress and anxiety try to dominate and manipulate your brain. To attain a happier and healthier life, self-confidence/love is the key.


3-) Take Care of Your Sleep

Admittedly, sleep is one of the most important components of our lives. I don’t think, scientists have been highlighting the importance of quality sleep for years in vain. Or, telling us the importance of night sleep.

Let’s once again allow science to talk. But this time about the effects of sleep on our mental health. A scientific study proves that consistently getting poor quality sleep significantly. increases the stress level.

This and similar scientific studies once again remind us of the significance of quality sleep. Let’s not forget anger, lack of concentration, high accident risk and of course stress can emerge as a result of poor and neglected sleep.


4-) Stop Worry about People’s Opinion

This might be the common mental illness of today’s society. Most likely you, just as many people, now and again worry about what others think about you. However, this mindset obviously hinders your happiness and freedom by creating a huge burden on your shoulders.

Let’s admit that trying to please people or to prevent the criticism and negative comments that people can make about you may lead you to stressful and anxious feelings. Freeing your mind by stopping caring what people think of you will literally reduce the stress that the modern world exposed to you.

One way or another, you (we all) need to be able to learn to free your mind before being too late. Don’t forget there are many people who regret caring about other people’s opinions too much and didn’t do what they wanted to do as a consequence. Focus on your life !!


5- ) Make Healthy Food Choices

Like sleep, eating is another one of the most important components of life. Without eating (drinking water too) a human can survive for a limited number of days. However, in this section, we will focus on how what you eat affects your happiness and well-being rather than the importance of foods to survive.

The chemicals that make you feel happy and pleased are; serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins. The foods that you consume enable your brain to secrete these hormones. For this reason, the role of diet should not be underestimated when it comes to avoiding worries and stress.

Additionally, if you have been suffering from stress for a long time, then it is time to eat only healthy foods meaning avoiding fatty, sugary and high-calorie foods to stop further damage to your body caused by stress.

Moreover, a growing body of research suggests that chewing gum may help reduce stress, thus, helping people protect their mental health.


6- Meditate

If you are foreign to relaxation practises such as yoga, you may think that these practices are stilted and useless. However, in addition to people’s positive comment on the effectiveness of relaxation practices, there are many scientific studies proving these techniques efficacy in term of relaxing the human body.

When you are stressed, your heartbeats become irregular and blood pressure rises. The aim of relaxation tecniques is to teach people to free their mind, manage stressful situations and give them the confidence to deal with these stressful situations.

With the aid of relaxation techniques, you can control your mind, relax your body and regulate the blood pressure. Based on the findings of a scientific report; it is evident that relaxation techniques are an effective way to manage stress and improve overall well-being.


7- Do kindness

You are innately prone to do kindness, nevertheless, it would be an extra motivation for you, if you knew that doing kindness and helping others make positive impacts on your mental health.

None of us has to be a millionaire ( it would be good though ) to help others. Even small acts of kindness, for instance, offering your seat to an elderly / a pregnant woman — holding the door for a stranger — donating blood to save people you don’t know about, can alleviate your mood and reduce your stress.

It is sensible to refer to the findings of a scientific study conducted at Yale University. In the study; researchers found that doing kindness reduce stress while uplifting one’s mood.


8- Say No, if necessary

Not saying no— or not being able to say no when necessary — is a huge problem that makes life difficult for you in many ways. You can put yourself into difficult and stressful situations when you reluctantly say yes. And, in the progress of time, this situation can bring about chronic stress.

Most of the time, modern people tend to say yes even at the moments in which they should say no. The reason for that might be fear of criticism, rejection, social exclusion or losing a friendship. Nevertheless, whatever the reason you should be able to say NO ” if necessary” for the sake of your liberation.

The solution is evident. You should say yes if you really want to do the thing. Don’t forget, saying no can help you remove the burden from your shoulders and reduce stress.



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