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7 Healthy Fruits to Gain Weight

weight gain fruits

In today’s society, even though many people strive to lose weight, the number of people who desire to gain weight for various reasons is substantial too. In general, the desire to obtaining a good physical appearance drives people to lose or gain weight.

Contrary to what is believed, gaining weight is not an easy task. As skinny people would know, weight gain can be as challenging as losing weight. In this article, we will discover the fruits that help you gain weight— if you are the one of the people who wants to put on some weight.

Despite the fact that fruits are not the most effective way to gain weight, but, they are the healthiest way to bulk up. Therefore, in today’s topic, we will focus on the fruits that enable people to gain weight in a healthy way.

More specifically, the reason that we will focus on fruits instead of high-calory foods, weight-gaining pills and fast foods products – which might be the fastest ways to gain weight – is because fruits are the safest and healthiest way to gain weight.

Fruits and vegetables have a high reputation in terms of providing essential minerals and vitamins. Therefore, once again, preferring fruits while gaining weight is the safest way to get fatter maybe fitter.


1- Bananas

Banana is not in vain occupying the first place – even though this list prepared randomly -. Bananas are one of the most suitable fruits not only for weight gain but also for the energy you need before and after exercise.

Bananas packed with minerals and vitamin such as A, B1, B2, C and E vitamins and potassiumfibreironcalciumsodium. And, a serving size of banana provides approximately 110 calories. You will get all of these necessary substances to your body while gaining weight.

While eating a banana before exercise supplies the energy you need during the exercise, banana eaten after the meal appears to be the best method for gaining weight.


2- Avocados

In advance, it is safe to say that avocado provides the highest calorie among the fruits mentioned in this article. As such, this fruit is perfectly fit for the diet designed to help you gain weight with the healthiest way possible.

Avocados, unlike many fruits, contains a great number of healthy fats which is a facilitating factor in the weight gain mission. A medium-sized avocado contains roughly 400 calories. Furthermore, other essential nutrients such as potassium, vitamin E – K -B5 and proteins are also available in avocados.

Don’t’ miss this fruit if you are the one who desires to weight gain in healthy ways.


3- Figs

The perfect taste of fruits makes the journey of weight gain more enjoyable. One of these fruits is fig, summer and autumn are the seasons for fresh fig consumption.

If you add figs to your regular diet, you will significantly increase the possibility of gaining weight in the healthiest way.

According to the U.S Department of Agriculture; 3 medium size (50 grams) figs can provide 120 calories. Apart from that, natural sugar, fibre and minerals will feed your body’s blood cells while gaining weight.



Here is another tropical fruit with many health benefits. Mango is a tropical fruit that is grown in different parts of the world. Presumably, those who enjoy eating mangos easily outnumber those who do not like the taste.

As for the role of mango in weight gain, many people are known to avoid mangos since this fruit hinder their diet that designed to lose weight. It is sensible though. Mangoes contain substantial amount of calories most of which come from carbs. According to the report, a serving size of mango gives you approximately 125 calories.

If your aim is to gain weight, then you can definitely consider eating mangoes. As if that were not enough, mangoes also can help you regulate your cholesterol level as well as protecting the eye health.


5- Grapes

Warning !! Red alert for those who want to lose weight. According to many registered dietitians; grapes are one of the foods that those who want to lose weight should limit the consumption of. Even a child would know, just as other fruits grapes are healthy. Nonetheless, the problem is that grapes contain high count calorie in them.

So, this is uplifting news for you if you are among those who want to bulk up. Grapes will be your comrade in this journey ( weight gain ). A cup of grapes ( 92 grams ) provide 15 grams of natural sugar. Furhermore, according to USDA: one cup of grapes supply 62 calories.

But let’s not be unfair to grapes. We may have shown grapes as unhealthy -fattening fruits. Not at all, grapes are generous in terms of providing antioxidants and vitamins. As such, grapes will increase your body mass while making you healthier. Do not hesitate to add them to your diet.


6- Coconut Flesh

Especially, women who want to add beauty to their preexisting beauty know the value of both coconut and coconut oil. In recent decades coconut gained immense popularity around the world and nowadays coconut is mostly used to improve  skin, tooth and hair.

And, this popularity can only be explained with coconut’s rich nutrients content. Protein, fibre, manganese are greatly available in this fruit. In a manner of speaking, this tropical fruit is god’s gift to us.

As for gaining weight, coconut is munificent in regards to provide calories and healthy fats. Considering above-given health benefits obtained via coconut consumption, this fruit, if possible, should be in your diet. Bear in mind that, USDA says 1 cup ( 100 grams) coconut flesh provides 354 calories and 33 grams fat.


7 – ) Dates

If you make some research on the internet, you will find out that dates are among the fruits ” that should not be eaten by those who want to lose weight. While eating a minuscule amount of dates may help lose weight, this beneficial and ancient fruit can increase the total weight with its high carbohydrates and sugar contents.

Gaining weight in a short time will not be the only benefit you get from date palm consumption. The reason this fruit has been consumed since the early ages stems from health and beauty purposes. Especially, people consume palm dates daily basis to reap the skin benefits.

For these reasons, dates are kind of the fruits you don’t regret to eat while striving for weight gain.