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8 Common Mistakes Made During Pregnancy


You may unintentionally make some mistakes during pregnancy period in order to give birth to a very healthy baby, especially if you are pregnant for the first time. In addition to that, it is totally sensible to feel a bit anxious and not know what to do for the sake of your baby’s health.

Truth to be told, the pregnancy period might be a tough time in which you may not be feeling as free as you were. Because in this period, you may need to give up some of your pleasures, social activities and other habits ( maybe harmful habits) in order to have a healthy baby.

For instance, you may have to give up the foods that you used to enjoy eating or say goodbye to your intense exercise routine. Whatever, sacrifices you make it is worth bringing a healthy baby to this life.

Wrong choices made during this period can harm you as well as your baby. By reading reliable resources and of course, consulting your doctor, you can go through the pregnancy process in the most efficient way possible for both yourself and your baby.

In this article, we have compiled the 8 most common mistakes made by women during the pregnancy process. Please note that this article has been prepared in accordance with the information provided by gynaecologists and is science-backed.


1- Eating Too much

Everyone, whether mother or not, knows the importance of diet during pregnancy for the development of the baby in the womb. In general, pregnant women can feel as if they have to eat twice as much. And the phrase “eating for two ” is an expression heard a lot during pregnancy. However, eating too much during pregnancy with the aim of feeding the baby in the womb can harm the child in the mother’s womb as well as harm the mother herself.

According to the National Academy of Sciences, a pregnant woman should eat no more than 100 extra calories in the first trimester of the pregnancy and no more than 300 calories in the following namely 2nd and 3rd trimester of this period.

Rest assured, taking more calory than the above-given amount doesn’t provide any benefit to the baby and also result in weight gain of the mother. And the weight gained in this process may cause trouble for the mother after the birth.


2- Lifting Heavy Objects

As noted above, pregnancy is a long and demanding process. However, from time to time pregnant women may momentarily forget the fact that they are pregnant, therefore doing things that they should avoid.

One of these mistakes made during pregnancy is lifting heavy objects. It is a very risky situation namely lifting heavy items during pregnancy. According to the American Pregnancy Association; lifting heavy objects may cause problems in two ways. The first one is premature labour and the second is low birth weight. 

In conclusion, pregnant women should avoid lifting heavy object as much as they can, but if they have to, then they should exercise caution.


3- Sleeping on A Firm Matress

After the first 12 weeks of the pregnancy, the physical changes start taking place on the mother’s body. With the start of the belly to grow, there will be changes in the body’s centre of gravity. These changes most of the time bring about inevitable back and waist pain both of which nearly all woman experience during pregnancy.

In society, there is a fallacy as to the fact that sleeping on a firm mattress relieves mother’s back and waist pain. However, this is another mistake that many pregnant women do during pregnancy. Because sleeping on a firm mattress can exacerbate the pain a pregnant woman experiences.

Therefore, mattresses that can take the shape of the body while lying down are suggested by both gynaecologists and sleep experts.


4- Preferring Uncomfortable Shoes

As mentioned just above, a woman body, so to speak, transforms during pregnancy. And, these physical changes alter many things even the way a pregnant woman walks with her baby inside the belly. Especially, after the first 5th and next months of the pregnancy, the belly grows and may hinder the physical move of the mother.

Therefore, experts say that pregnant women should prefer orthopaedic shoes and avoid high heels to have a balanced walk, especially after the 5th and the succeeding months of the pregnancy, taking into account the changing body mass.


5- Drinking Too Much Coffee

At the beginning of the article, we highlighted the difficult times a pregnant woman may go through during pregnancy due to the changes in the body and lifestyle. Due to these changes mainly in hormonal changes, pregnant women become susceptible to some ailments such as sleep deficiency, palpitation even acid reflux.

If caffein consumption exceeds the safe level during these 9 months, the above-given complications may become worsen. What’s more, too much caffeine during pregnancy may result in low birth weight.

According to NSHa pregnant woman should limit her daily caffeine intake to 200 mg which almost equals to 2 mugs of instant coffee.


6- Staying too Long at the Sea and Pool

This one might be perplexing. Because swimming or workout in the water has been suggested to nearly all pregnant woman as the most suitable exercise. Indeed, this information is accurate. To support this claim, we can pay attention to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

According to ACOG; Swimming is one most suitable form of exercise during pregnancy. However,  staying in the water ( sea, swimming pool ) more than 30 minutes may lower the body temperature of the pregnant woman. Therefore, limiting the time spent on the water to 30 minutes is ideal and in doing so mothers-to-be can minimise the risk of urinary tract infections.


7- Using Hot Spring and Sauna

Neither hot spring pool nor sauna is recommended for pregnant women. The reason for this recommendation is related to that high temperature of these environments.

Pregnant women already feel warmer than a normal person. Spending time in the sauna or hot springs increases the body temperature of the pregnant woman. And, The increased body temperature causes dilation in the veins that may result in fainting.

Please note that body temperature above 38.9 degrees may cause harm to the baby. Especially in the first 3 months of the pregnancy, .


8-  Tobacco and Alcohol Use

Last but worst. It is needless to say that both tobacco products and alcohol consumption can cause serious complications during pregnancy. Not only for pregnant women and the baby in the womb, but these habits are also harmful to everyone.

Specific to pregnancy, studies reveal that children who were exposed to alcohol about 2 glasses of a day in the mother’s womb carry more risk in terms of developing disorders such as learning, speech, attention deficit and hyperactivity. According to a scientific report; alcohol use during pregnancy may cause miscarriage, premature birth, and low birth weight. Experts are particularly emphasising the importance of the first 3 months in which the baby is much more vulnerable. 

The fact that it is very difficult to quit smoking. But, it does not change the fact that every cigarette smoked can harm the baby inside the mother’s womb. Smoking is quite risky in this period. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ); Smoking may cause the carcinogenic substances and nicotine in cigarette to pass to the baby. As a result, extremely serious conditions such as preterm birth, miscarriage and developmental delay in the baby may occur.