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8 Potential Ways to Beat Morning Fatigue

beat morning fatigue

Many of us have personal obligations to wake up early; some of us wake up early to catch the bus/train/metro to arrive at work, while others need to dash out too early for school. In short, there can be various reasons that compel a person to wake up early.

Even though we have different reasons to wake up early in the morning, it appears, we have one thing ( almost ) in common. That is morning grogginess, tiredness, fatigue, however you call it.

Do we have to experience morning fatigue? Well, it is normal to feel groggy and disoriented when you first wake up. This is the transition period of the brain from sleeping to the awake state.

So, it is normal for everyone to feel groggy just after wake up. However, when you can’t shake off the tiredness and dizziness after a couple of minutes following your waking up, the real issue starts.

Why can’t we bounce back? Why do we feel tired even 15 minutes after waking up? What causes this tiredness? Can’t we beat the fogginess and feel energetic in the morning?

According to doctors, what we do or what we don’t do after getting up directly affects how we feel in the morning.

For this reason, we have compiled the 8 best ways to beat morning fatigue. Keep on reading to learn what requires to be energetic early in the morning.


1- Practice Good Sleep

What can be more natural than waking up tired, if you slept only 5 hours or less in a night? If we are here to talk about morning fatigue, then logically the first factor that we need to take into account should be sleep quality also quantity.

In addition to sleeping less than (recommended) 7-9 hours, having a disrupted sleep at night too can cause you to feel super tired during the day, especially in the morning.

Therefore, getting 7 to 9 hours a restorative night’s sleep is the first and foremost factor for waking up into a fatigue-free morning.

Nevertheless, having quality sleep is not easy – especially in this modern world– and, requires many things. The following practices can help you sleep well, hence, prevent morning fatigue.

♠ Sleep schedule: Try to get up and sleep at the same time every day.
♠ Avoid blue light before bed
♠ Creating the best sleeping environment


2- Start With Water

How well and healthy you would feel if you have been stuck in a desert without water. I bet, every one of us would feel drained of strength and wouldn’t survive too long.

Even though the situation is not that serious, when we wake up, our body shows signs of dehydration due to being deprived of water long time while sleeping.

One of these signs of dehydration is tiredness that strikes us especially early in the morning. Therefore, drinking water first thing in the morning will quickly hydrate the body thus, will help you beat the morning fatigue.

That is why, you should start the day with a glass of water, rather than other beverages.


3- Cold Water For Face

Even though many experts highlight the fact that taking a cold shower first thing in the morning is the best way to beat tiredness by boosting circulation, it would literally be an unmerciful recommendation. And, many of you would reject this idea without a second thought.

Therefore, we need to find a more reasonable practice rather than a cold shower. How about washing your neck and face with cold water? It seems this one is more merciful but rather effective. 

Wash your face and neck, if possible, with cold water. The abrupt changes in the body temperature will stimulate the cells and drive your dizziness away. 


4- Stretch Your Body

It is fairly understandable to be lazy to do any form of exercise first thing in the morning. However, stretching your body doesn’t demand too much time and effort from you.

More importantly, this practice can be quite beneficial, if carried out regularly every morning.

What many of us may not know is our muscles are paralysed and tightened while sleeping, especially if you sleep in the same position all night.

These tightened muscles decrease the blood flow, thus making you feel tired and disoriented when you wake up.

For this reason, sparing only 5 minutes in the morning to stretch your body will relieve the muscles and increase the blood flow, which in turn help you bounce back.


5-  Do have Breakfast

As mentioned earlier, 7-9 hours without water cause dehydration in the body and tiredness as a result. What about an empty stomach due to overnight fasting?

Well, since the body’s main energy source is foods, it is not easy to stay energetic with an empty stomach. Therefore, it is vital to eat in order to meet our body’s energy need.

While many of us are not fancy to eat early in the morning, expert emphasises the importance of breakfast for starting the day. Eating the right foods will certainly boost the energy level in the body and enable you to focus on the day ahead.

However, choosing the right foods for breakfast as important as having breakfast. According to Harvard Medical School: High-fiber, whole grain, protein, healthy fats, some fruit and vegetables are good choices for breakfast.

On the other hand, limiting processed foods, refined carbohydrates and saturated fat in breakfast is a wise decision, unless you want to feel more tired. 


6-  Go Outside for 5 Minutes

Going outside early in the morning? This can be another effective way to beat morning fatigue. However, I can imagine how lazy each of us would be for going out early in the morning. If you have a dog though, it would be a bonus for you. 

There are two reasons why going out, for at least 5 minutes, shakes off your grogginess.

First, sunlight will touch your skin and eyes, thus waking up signals will be stimulated in the brain. It doesn’t matter whether the weather is overcast, in any event, the skin is exposed to sunlight. 

Getting sunlight increases serotonin levels in your body. Bear in mind, increased serotonin production can help you beat morning tiredness and sluggishness.

The other reason is, as mentioned above, physical movement. By going out even for 5 minutes and walking a bit will increase the circulation in the body which help you overcome tiredness in the morning.


7- Drink Less Coffee

Hold on, drinking less coffee? Do millions (maybe billions) of people, all around the world, not drink coffee first thing in the morning to beat morning fatigue? Yes, they do!! Let me explain…

Drinking coffee isn’t the smartest idea early in the morning, because, it can interfere with cortisol production in the body. Even though cortisol is known by many people as the stress hormone, it regulates the sleep/wake cycle in the body. In short, cortisol stimulates wakefulness in the morning.

Drinking coffee ( caffeine ) first thing in the morning will interfere with cortisol production hence you will need more caffeine to wake up. The downside is that coffee (caffeine) that boost your energy early in the morning can make you super tired later in the day.

Therefore, avoiding coffee right after waking up and drinking less coffee early hours of the morning will not interfere with cortisol production in the morning.


8- Relieve Your Stress 

Almost all of us know that stress can be quite harmful to the human body if it lingers around too long. Stress can bring about many symptoms from diarrhoea to acne, to hair loss.

Another way stress is affecting us is fatigue. For this reason, in general, people with heavy depression have difficulty waking up.

Stress and worry can drain your energy especially early in the morning. Therefore, addressing the issues that lead you to a stressful state of mind and eliminate them can help you feel more lively and energetic when you wake up.

Practising yoga, or listening to a piece of calming music may help you alleviate your mood, which in turn help you beat morning fatigue.