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7 Ways to Moisturise Your Skin Naturally

Moisturise skin


For some people, dry skin is a common skin condition since their skin type tends to get dry especially in the winter season. People with dry skin type encounter this skin problem nearly every winter even in summer unless they take precautions against this skin condition. 

Not only related that their skin is prone to get dry but also other factors such as health conditions, environmental factors and stress can bring about dry skin problem. Therefore, those who have oily skin type as well might face the risk of suffering from the dry skin due to these above-given factors.

Indeed, there is a risk of infection that occurs in the cracks happened as a result of dry skin. Therefore, the risk of skin cracks must be eliminated by moisturising the skin. But apart from an infection, dry skin also induces very dull and lacklustre appearance. Therefore, regardless of skin type, everyone should moisturise the skin to keep this largest organ (skin) as healthy and vivid as possible.

What are the ways to cope with dry skin issue?  Should I visit a store and purchase a skin moisturiser? 

Even though purchasing a skin moisturiser is the first thing that comes to mind, this option may be too expensive for some of us whereas many people are unwilling to buy these skin moisturises due to the possibility of containing chemicals in them.

So, in this circumstance, we need to be able to find natural ways to keep the skin hydrated. In this article, we will speak of 7 natural remedies for dry skin. While doing it, it is essential to back the efficacy of these natural remedies with scientific evidence.


1- Coconut Oil

Ever since people started preferring natural product over cosmetic products to solve their skin and hair problems, coconut oil has become very famous. It is not in vain that people keep using and talking about coconut oil on its health benefits. Coconut oil is quite beneficial, especially, for the skin. 

Clinical trials: support the claims that coconut oil moisturises skin thanks to its skin softener property. What’s the advantage of using coconut oil is being totally natural and being able to be purchased without undermining the budget.

Therefore, coconut oil deserves to be entitled as one of the best skin moisturisers.


2- Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is mostly famous for its contribution to the treatment of skin burns. Another quality of this magical gel is being able to moisturise fairly dry skins.

According to scientific research: Aloe vera increases skin elasticity while decreasing wrinkles by aiding both collagen and elastic fibres production. In the same study, the moisturising property of aloe vera plant is also emphasised.

Despite all, some people may be allergic to aloe vera gel. For this reason, before applying the gel, try it on a small area of the skin and monitor whether anything unwelcome happens.


3- Honey 

Honey has been used as a natural medicine since ancient times by various communities, tribes, simply put, by people from all over the world. Essentially, the secret that human beings prefer honey as a remedy for thousands of years is hidden its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects

Healing woundsmoisturising dry skintreating skin ulcers are among the qualities of honey. However, the honey that you will use for your skin, has to be as natural as possible to obtained claimed benefits. So, it is important to find bees-produced honey to treat dry skin.

As long as the honey natural, honey deals with dry skin according to the research. Apply honey to the area where you need hydration, leave it there 10 to 15 minutes then wash with lukewarm water. Let’s not forget regular use brings positive results.


4- Milk

Just as honey, milk also has anti-inflammatory properties. As well as anti-inflammatory properties, milk contains a great number of fatty acids and protein both of which are necessary for skin hydration.

There are two ways to get benefit from milk for your skin. The first one is rather evident “drinking the milk“. A study on mice showed that milk consumption can reduce the occurrence risk of dry skin. 

The second way is to apply the milk to the skin surface with cotton. Let the milk remain for 15 minutes, then wash it away. Don’t forget dairy products are absorbed quickly into the skin pores, hence, they are effective in moisturise the skin. 


5- Avocado Oil

Another natural oil ” Avocado ” – just as coconut oil – can provide many skin benefits. What makes avocado that special is related to super beneficial substances available in avocado.

Particularly vitamin E, potassium and lecithin abound in avocado. Thanks to these substances, avocado oil does moisturise chapped skin.

Moreover, oleic acid – available in avocado oil – is essential for collagen production. Collagen increases blood flow to the skin. As a result of increased blood flow, healthy and glowing skin appears on the mirror.


6-Shea Butter

The reason many people prefer shea butter is due not only to the fact that shea butter perfectly moisturise the skin. Those (generally women) who want to possess a splendid skin appearance are known to opt for shea butter.

shea butter

African Shea Butter

As mentioned right above, shea butter moistens the skin thanks to its emollient property. Additionally, shea butter provides many essential vitamins and minerals including vitamin E – A and fatty acids. Because this butter is rich in various nutrients, it brings many benefits to the skin by moisturisingsoothinghealing and lastly reducing wrinkles

It is normal to see the name of  “shea”  in many cosmetics product content, especially skincare products. 


7- Sunflower Oil

Since sunflower oil is rich in Linoleic acid it supports the skin barrier and improves hydration in the skin. A 4 week-long research on nineteen adults volunteers; proved that sunflower seed oil helps the skin remain hydrated.

Please note that apart from linoleic acid sunflower contain a handsome amount of Vitamin A and E which are also available in shea butter and are necessary for skin health.


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