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7 Amazing Ways to Stay Positive

stay positive

You should stay positive regardless of the circumstance! Easier said than done, right?

Well, yes staying positive or feeding your mind with positive thoughts regardless of the circumstance is not easy at all, especially in this modern world where you are surrounded with various things that can lead you stress, anxiety, anger and so on.

What’s more, we don’t know what exactly you are dealing with right now in your life. Therefore, we perhaps shouldn’t dare to tell you ” stay positive “.

But, how about indicating some the consequences of negative thoughts negative world view on your both mental and physical health. These consequences can be more convincing for you to look for ways to stay positive, than our suggestion.

Heart attack – stroke – cancer – frequents colds/flu – depression – panic attack – asthma – diabetes are only a few of the serious diseases a negative people are more likely to develop compared to someone with the ability to stay and think positive almost in any given circumstances.

When considering the above-given diseases that can occur due to the negative outlook of life, it is a necessity to say that staying positive is a key to a happier, healthier and longer life.

Even though it is not always easy to stay positive in life, there are ways that can help you teach how to handle even toughest and saddest moments with a positive approach.

In this article, we are going to share the 7 effective ways to stay positive. Let’s find out these tips that will help you stay positive.


1- See what is good

We are usually told about the importance of seeing the glass as half full. It is cliche but is rather effective, for sure. All of us know the real meaning of this idiom. It is seeing the positive over the negative in any given situation.

In fact, having this mindset requires practice. Therefore, give your best to focus on the positive rather than negative when something unwelcome happens to you.

If you stick to this approach long enough, after some time, it will be your main approach to situations in life and consequently will give you the strength to stay positive against situations.

For instance, you are going through a difficult situation for whatever the reason, but at least, this adversity or setback enabled you to see your genuine friends who were there for you when no one else was.


2- Be grateful What You Possess

In general, we tend to focus on what we don’t have rather than what we have.

Trying to obtain something you don’t have is good for you because it gives you the reason to move forward, on the other hand though, it can hurt you if you always focus what you don’t have by forgetting what you already have.

Prominent psychologists underline the fact that being thankful for what you have for instance; a happy family, good health, a home, good friends, faith whatsoever, enables people to stay mentally tough even in the hardest circumstances.


3- Be Prone to Laugh

How confident, secure or happy would you feel if you were having time laughing with your best friends? Presumably, you would feel perfect at this specific moment due to the released happiness hormones. 

According to a report; laughter has numerous positive impact on both mental and physical health;

 decreasing stress hormones, boosting the immune system, to name but a few.

Therefore, be prone to laugh or smile even in a bad situation. Fake it, if necessary. It will be genuine after some time and change the way you perceive the situation.

To put simply, make humour priority in your life to stay positive all the time.


4- Eliminate Negative People

The grim reality is that you have to stop spending time with negative people who are almost always negative, even if they are your friends or your relatives.

Otherwise, these negative people will drain your happiness and energy with their negative thoughts and pessimistic approach. It goes without saying, negativity and positivity are contagious.

Find the right people who have a positive outlook and supportive behaviours towards you, and spend time with them. This will help you stay positive thus enjoying life.


5- Meditate

If you have never practised any form of meditation, you might have doubts about its efficacy on mental health. However, scientific studies conducted to evaluate the efficacy of meditation on human health ( physical – mental ) can convince you otherwise.

For instance, a well rounded scientific research on the relationship between human health and meditation reveals the various positive impacts of meditation on human health.

Decreased blood pressure, reduced risk of cancer, anxiety, depression and insomnia are only a few examples of these positive effects.

This being the case; it is safe to say that doing even 5 minutes of meditation can boost your spirit and gives you the strength to stay positive.


6- Express your Feelings

Do you remember how you felt when you finally expressed  something you had been holding inside you for a long time to your friend or one of your family members? Perhaps, you felt as if you got rid of 20 extra kilos from your shoulders. A total relief !!

All of us have things that no one knows about. However, sometimes, sharing the problem and talking about it with someone you trust will help you better handle the situation.

Therefore, make sure you have someone whom you can confide to whenever you need to talk.

Another way of confiding yourself can be writing the thing on a paper. That will make the problem tangible and will help you see the situation from a different perspective.


7 – Exercise

Those who have already found out the incredibly positive impacts of physical exercise on mental health tend to exercise regularly. They do exercise regularly to improve and protect their mental health as a principal reason.

As stated in scientific research, exercise improves mental health, reducing depression, stress and minimising negative thoughts. What’s more, exercise can boost your self-esteem.

Therefore, to stay mentally strong and positive make exercise one of your priorities. It can be one of your strongest allies in the war of life.

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