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6 Best Exercises For people with Diabetes

Diabetes exercise

Even though having a habit of doing regular exercise is essential for every one of us to attain a healthy life, exercise carries greater importance for people with high blood sugar. As there is no cure for any form of diabetes mainly type-1 and type-2, people with diabetes have to manage their blood sugar level every day with certain methods such as daily insulin intake, well-balanced diet, exercise and medical treatment.

Among these treatment methods of diabetes, exercise is as important as remaining methods are. According Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC: people with diabetes should be physically active at least 150 minutes per week to manage and lower their blood sugar.

The reason why physical activity is quite important in the treatment of diabetes is explained with the fact that exercise can lower blood sugar up to 24 hours by enabling the body to use insulin more effectively.

Regular exercise also keeps the serious diseases such as heart attack, stroke and cancer at bay.

In this article, we discover 6 best exercises for people with diabetes. However, before diving into the topic, we certainly recommend you consult with your physician as to whether you are allowed to perform  below-given forms of exercise.

1- Walking

Since walking can be done by people from almost all age group, it appears as the most suitable form of exercise regardless of you have diabetes or not. What’s more, walking does not cost you anything other than a pair of shoes.

Most of the time, walking is underestimated when compared to other types of exercise. However, people with diabetes can meet 150 minutes weekly physical exercise need by walking 30 minutes 5 days a week.

Bear in mind that walking is one of the most recommended types of exercise for diabetic patients by doctors unless the patient has any restrictions to do so.

If we need to support the efficacy of walking on reducing blood sugar, we can refer to a scientific report showing how walking can reduce blood sugar.

Try to walk 30 minutes with a quicker pace 5 days in a week to reduce and manage blood sugar level.


2- Yoga

Yoga is another form of exercise that can help people to manage their blood sugar. Essentially, what makes yoga that ideal exercise for diabetic patients stems from its stress-relieving feature.

According to experts high-stress level and high blood sugar go hand in hand. Therefore, people with diabetes should do stress-relieving activities such as – maybe the most effective – yoga.

According to Cleveland Clinic yoga may reduce blood sugar level by lowering stress and improving nerve functions. What might be only disadvantages of yoga is to find a trained professional to learn how to do yoga.


3- Swimming

Since swimming is one of the exercises that put minimal pressure on the joints. Therefore, physicians recommend swimming to their diabetic patients.

As swimming increases your muscle mass while relaxing your whole body thus minimising stress level, this form of exercise is among the most effective exercise types for diabetic patients especially for those with type-2.

Cleveland Clinic recommends people with diabetes start swimming at least 10 minutes a day 3 times a week, then gradually increase the length of the workout.


4- Weightlifting

Weightlifting that can increase muscle mass is one of the best ways to manage blood sugar. Experts highlight the importance of muscles for the body if the person deals with diabetes. Because the larger muscles are important for glucose uptake and regulation.

Therefore, experts recommend forms of exercise that can build muscle mass to better manage blood sugar. You can go to the gym and get help from a trained coach to increase your muscle mass. Alternative to going to a gym, lifting household objects without harming yourself can also be an alternative way for weightlifting.


5- Dancing

If you are lazy or unwilling to do physical exercise such as walking, swimming, weightlifting so forth, but at the same to you have to be physically active at least 150 minutes each week to manage your blood sugar, then dancing may address your problem perfectly.

Diabetic patients need physical exercise to manage blood sugar and avoid stress to prevent high blood sugar. Since regular dancing sessions can provide both physical activity and stress management, dancing becomes quite a suitable form of exercise for diabetic patients.

study carried out in 2015 found that Zumba- which is a combination of dancing and fitness program- lowered blood sugar in women participants with type-2 diabetes.


6- Cycling

Cycling can be as effective as swimming. Because cycling like swimming is a form of exercise that does not put too much pressure on joints. It is important because, people with diabetes are prone to develop a health problem know as arthritis.

Quite briefly, arthritis is a condition in which swelling or tenderness occur one or both of the joints. Especially those with type-2 diabetes have higher risk of developing this medical problem.

As such, finding an exercise that doesn’t put too much pressure on the joints of people with arthritis is vital. Swimming and cycling are two of the forms of exercise that can protect the joints.